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For the last week, I (@achim03) was with my family on holidays in Istanbul. I landed on the brand new istanbul airport who is claimed to be one of the biggest airports in the world. I spent a lot of time discovering the historic center but also remote parts of this amazing city.

Since my wife was born in this town, I have the chance to be very close to its inhabitants. I couldn't help to notice that people were suffering. Prices, especially of imported goods have gone up dramatically in the last months, whereas salaries have mainly remained the same. According to official estimates the inflation rate is between 20 and 30%. I believe that the real inflation rate is much higher than that.

When I saw how this affected the people, the economy and the everyday behaviour of people, I had to think about our friends in Venezuela who go through a hyperinflation that is not comparable in size.

Fighting the darkness

In the last couple of weeks I saw that the authors who are supported by @help.venezuela posted much less often than in the past. When reading their posts I realized why. The reason is that huge parts of the country stay for many hours without electricity and internet.

However, the Venezuelans manage to post on steem in spite of that. Imagine that you are living most of the days in darkness but that in spite of that you try to write down your thoughts and prepare them so that when you have a little bit of electricity you can write a post. How much perseverance is needed for that... I think every post of Venezuelan people would deserve upvotes just for that.

It is now that the Venezuelans need our help most

Let's send some light !

I would like to ask you to go to the accounts of the people from Venezuela to read and upvote their posts. They need our help more than ever !

@lanzjoseg, @jenina619, @juanmolina, @reinaldoverdu, @hendersonp, @fucho80, @roronoa07, @jadams2k18, @yomismosoy, @sacra97, @chiminguito, @hlezama, @jennimorillo, @darthgexe, @equipodelta, @garybilbao

I would also like to thank the delegators of @help.venezuela that contribute immensely. Thanks to them each post of the people above gets a systematic upvote worth around $ 0.12 !

@mariusfebruary, @theycallmedan, @preparedwombat, @akdx, @crypto.piotr, @majes.tytyty, @devann, @hlezama, @equipodelta, @darthgexe, @garybilbao


Support this project to help people from Venezuela to fight a catastrophic economical situation:


Hi @achim03, @help.venezuela, we do not forget our new partnership, we see that you and your team have a great understanding of the situation that Venezuela is facing, many are making a great effort to publish in Steem due to the continuous blackouts and reasonings of electricity . Currently our community is in the process of expanding towards the Telos platform, it does not mean that we are leaving Steem, but Telos offers respite and liberation, banking, commerce, where many Venezuelans can be part of that blessing through the opportunity that @sirknight offers. You can get more information by visiting his blog. If you wish to be part of Telos, be sure to fill out the following form:


I,m @emiliocabrera

Hello @emiliocabrera
Thank you very much for your comment and your support for this project.

Greetings @achim03.

The work that @help.venezuela does is really valuable.

These are truly beautiful initiatives that we must encourage and support here in our beloved community.
You give us REAL help.

I am aware that since December 2018 you are supporting me in each of my publications. Since then my account and my SP have grown. Maybe it's not much but for me it's worth gold.

It is time to give them back something of what they have done for me.
Please be on the lookout for a memo from me.

Thank you @achim03, @help.venezuela.

Hi @juanmolina,
Thank you very much for your comment. I particularly appreciate that you have managed to increase your SP. Once you reach a certain amount of SP your account tends to grow by itself and then you are on the good side ;-). I will continue to put my efforts in this program to continue to support you in the future.

P.S: I just saw your delegation to @help.venezuela. Thank you very much! This will allow to keep a high voting power and to give nice upvotes to all the people in the program.

Agradecida con este apoyo a mis venezolanos, debido a la dificil situación, allá afuera tienen noticias aqui estan muy limitadas, estos malandros que subieron al poder va a ser dificil salir de ellos docilmente. Pero seguimos aqui aguantando lo que podemos @help.venezuela dejando mi apoyo.

Grateful with this support to my Venezuelans, due to the difficult situation, out there they have news here they are very limited, these criminals who came to power will be difficult to leave them docilely. But we are still here holding what we can @help.venezuela leaving my support.

@crypto.piotr gracias

@mariusfebruary, @theycallmedan, @preparedwombat, @akdx, @crypto.piotr, @majes.tytyty, @devann, @hlezama, @equipodelta, @darthgexe, @garybilbao

Gracias buen equipo

@lanzjoseg, @jenina619, @juanmolina, @reinaldoverdu, @hendersonp, @fucho80, @roronoa07, @jadams2k18, @yomismosoy, @sacra97, @chiminguito, @hlezama, @jennimorillo, @darthgexe, @equipodelta, @garybilbao

Excelente equipo de trabajo

Hi @sacra97,
Thank you very much for your comment and your support.
Best regards

Wow Friend @achim03, @help.venezuela, what you comment on the comparison I can tell you but I know you already know, here is terrible situation.
Now the criminals who occupy positions in the government subject us with a lot of bad intentions, they cut off the electric power and then they blame others.
And all Venezuelans know that these criminals of the government are only copying the model they do in CUBA, there they also do the same every time there is a protest in Cuba,

Here in Venezuela we are constantly protesting to demand the just and the government's response is more oppression.

Thank you friend for all your support, thank you on behalf of my family and on behalf of my neighbors and that I also help them to the best of my ability.

I send you a big hug with a lot of Venezuelan love.

I just sent you a memo

Hi @lanzjoseg,
Thank you very much for your comment and also for your delegation to @help.venezuela. I can't imagine how it must be terrible to live in such conditions. I sincerely hope that your future and that of your family will be better soon.

Best regards,

Hello @achim03! Thank you very much for your support.

It's been hard to live this way. One gets used to the comforts that electricity offers: light, the communications system (this depends a lot on it), television, radio, internet, electric kitchens, the system that brings water to the house and many other things.

The lack of electricity (light, as we call it) makes it difficult to post and discourages a lot since you are like helpless.

Thank God we are not alone, there are people who support us without knowing us. Who pray for us! May God bless all of you.

That gives me the inspiration I need and not only a reason to move forward but also for me is a commitment to all those who continue to help us.

A big hug to everybody!

Thank you very much for this nice comment. I hope that you do not lose hope in your country and that you go on publishing posts on steemit. We will try to help however we can.
Best regards,

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@ help.venezuela, thanks for the support, I will continue publishing despite the adversities.

Venezuela is a beautiful country, soon we will be free and happy, together we will rebuild our country.

Please continue to write posts here on steem. We will try to continue to support you and help you to start anew in your country.
Best regards,

Thanks for your words, people like you motivate me!

buen artículo, parece increíble como la noche se apoderó de este país, saludos, te voy a seguir

Gracias para tu commentario. Espero que este noche se termina pronto...

Hey @achim03 & @help.venezuela.

You know... I am also Venezuelan and currently living in Venezuela. the way!! };)

And yeah, I'm following this account from now on and I've just resteemed this post too in an effort to attract more eyes & support to this project and help out a bit in our will to relieve the pain of as many countrymen as possible sooner than later from all this catastrophic economical situation in our country.

Cheers!! :)

Hi @por500bolos,
Thank you very much for your comment and the resteem. We have put you into the waiting list. We will add you as soon as possible to the program.
Best regards,

Life is really getting harder worldwide it will all influence the rest of the world as well. If it comes to Turkey.. I thought the Turkish people are so happy with Erdogan. Since when is the airport renovated?

I hope Venezuela will find a way to rebuild. The country sounds very innovative to me and so are all the people I met and meet here.

No power sucks I know all about it, same as a slow connection and what one needs to do to make it able to post. Big applause for all of them.

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Hi @wakeupkitty,
Thanks a lot for stopping by.
They built a totally new airport out from scratch in the outskirts of Istanbul. It's really well done and much more modern than the old one.
The people who manage to publish in spite of electricity cuts in their countries really deserve our admiration. I found out through @chekohler that south Africa is facing similar problems even though the reasons are different.

Belgium has a power problem too as I heard and Dutch households have to pay each 240 euro more a year to help out Belgium (according to our prime minister and in 2018 it was already raised with 190 euro).

The investment in a modern airport will for sure pay itself back.

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Thank you so much for your endless support!🌼

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Hi @jenina619,
Thank you for stopping by and for commenting.
Best regards,

I am also Venezuelan and currently living in Venezuela. The situation is really dramatic: a hyperinflation that pulverizes any income, shortage of food, medicines and other basic goods, a collapsed electrical system that affects all our work, student and even recreational activities, that without counting the lack of water suitable for consumption human, we have practically gone back to the 19th century in our quality of life.

Frequently publishing quality content in Steemit is a titanic task: there is no electricity, telephony and internet services fail constantly and our days are consumed in trying to survive or looking to leave the country as if we were fleeing a war.

Thanks @help.venezuela and @achim03 for publicizing our tragedy and helping some of my compatriots. I also upvoted and resteemef this post!

Hi @manuelgil64,
Thank you very much for your comment and resteeming this post. I think especially for us westerners it is not possible to imagine how your life is at the moment. I live in Switzerland and once there was a storm and we remained 3 days without electricity. It was then that I realized how we depend on it... So when I read here what Venezuelans have to cope with it makes me feel sad and sorry. No human beings should have to live in such conditions...
By the way I will put you on the waiting list for the program. If we manage to get some more SP we might be able to take more people into the program.

Hola help.venezuela,

Tu post ha sido seleccionado por el bot de @provenezuela, te hemos dado un voto en apoyo a los autores venezolanos!

Gracias por ser parte de nuestra comunidad!

Exceptional work! you just need to create such kind of more posts minimum 4 a day to build strong active community and get more positive response and reputation on steemit.
Outstanding Work! i think you struggle hard for good.
Exceptional work and keep this continue for next,

Hi @achim03

Welcome back my dear friend. Remind me please, how many times have you been to Istanbul already? 20? :)


Thanks Piotr
That's about correct rather more than 20 times😉

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Totally true what you say, imagine an inflation of 10,000,000% for this year for Venezuela, I do not know what we are going to do ...

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