very nice and attention-grabbing

Hahaha... first time seeing any of your vids and hearing your voice. Sounds way different from what i imagine hahaha..

im just a college girl so dont expect so much make up

I think you're being humble, over 4 minutes for making up? idk how you girls did it. lol

HAHAHHA I may look "sweet" in my photo but not my voice 😂. My voice is considered deep.

It took me about 20 minutes for this makeup.
Yes yes we ladies are willing to spend time on ourselves, to slayyy. Learn from us! 😝

pretty enough, don't need makeup

Compliment me more Sireh , hahaha 😝😝

Hahaha... please don't slay me with your good look...

I've picked up some tips to use on my daughter.. Now if she would sit still..

HAHAHHAHAH she would if she's fine with my method of makeup 😆😆😆

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You are so lovely! Nicely done! @steemitbloggers

Thank you 😊😊😊