Gods Unchained - Git god. I mean gud. [21:9]

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Ok, so last weekend wasn't very good for me playing Gods Unchained. In fact, it was only slightly better than absolutely disastrous. Hence the picture above. I got trounced by everything and everybody, and I have a feeling that I might be in the top 10 of all-time losing streaks (excluding the numerous bots farming XP), if there is such a list. If there is, please point me to it, because I want to take a look.

I still think it's fun though! Which is the ultimate proof that I must be insane... Or a masochist. Or both.

I haven't managed to setup a local server for multi-platform streaming yet, so I'll be streaming on Vimm tonight. Pop by and say hi, link here https://www.vimm.tv/northmountain. If you have insufficient bandwidth, vimm.tv will automatically downscale to 480p, but you can override if that happens to you. Just click the little cog wheel in the bottom right hand of the stream.

Feel free to get in touch, either in a comment below or the various SoMe channels. I hope you have a great rest of your day, wherever you are.

This is Northmountain, signing off. Bye-bye.

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