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Today we have a double compilation from Mrs Wood with twelve very different tracks. You will be listening to the sound of Alternative Energy - Energy 1.

Vinyl is making a big comeback amidst this technological age. My collection of vinyl dance music is currently up for sale on Discogs as it's time to let my records spin on someone else's deck. I'm slowly gonna share my tunes with you Steemit music lovers out there. Please feel free to join me on this musical journey with a wide variety of dance vibes covering trance, techno, house, hard trance, progressive house, acid, progressive trance and much, much more.

The Vinyl Revival

Vinyl has been around since the 50s and has had many competitors: tape, CD, mp3 to name a few but none are a challenger to the warmth and bass of vinyl. Fantastic Plastic continues to be the favourite music medium amongst many DJs.
"The intimate experience of putting the record on, then flipping it over makes the music listening experience more personal and emotionally involving than playing a CD. It also makes music listening far more personal and deep than hitting a mouse button and passively listening to your playlist."
It has recently made an unexpected comeback after almost disappearing in the early 2000s. Millennials are even being given credit for the vinyl revival with the second best selling audio device in 2016 being the turnable (of course, number one was the iPhone).

Quote of the Day

“Baby, you must dance to the music of your soul!”

by Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

Today's Vinyl: Mrs Wood ‎– Mrs Wood Teaches Techno

React ‎– REACTLP 14

Label: React

A1Alternative Energy - Energy 1
A2E-Rection - Suck My Dang-A-Long
A3DJPC - Go To The Moon (Andy B Remix)
B1Mark NRG - Military City
B2Pelgrim - Get Bouncy
B3Organic Substance - Driple
C1Nasty Django - Mo District
C2Intrance Feat. D-Sign - Te Quierro
C3Genlog - Sorry
D1Hyperborea - Get Stronger (Technoclub 2am Mix)
D2Ace The Space - 9 Is A Classic
D3D-Shake - N.U.F.O (Hardcore Mix)


React ‎– REACTLP 14
FormatVinyl, 12" x2
Style:Hardcore, Techno

I hope you enjoy listening to today's tune:

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For those of you not familiar with Discogs, this site was introduced in 2000 and is now one of the main resources for the sale of vinyl, CDs and even tapes, around the world. There is a huge catalogue available (over 9.5 million recordings) so it's easy if you wish to add your music for sale. Just create an account, list your goodies and once your tune sells, you can ship to your happy customer. Once a month, you will receive an invoice from Discogs to cover their costs. If anyone from the Discogs marketplace is out there, please bring your voice to Steemit and join this unique community. It would be awesome to see your catalogue and website distributed by the blockchain.

Ibiza Global Radio

If you are enjoying listening to these tunes, you'll probably like the sounds of an internet radio station called Ibiza Global Radio. Apart from the awesome tunes they play 24seven, their website is full of news about DJs, clubbing and loads more.
Ibiza Global Radio is "The radio of your dreams - the music of your life - the sound of Ibiza, straight from the magic island, with daily Live radio shows."
So don't hesitate and tune in now for some amazing electronic dance music.


If you're a fan of dance music, you may want to follow Mixmag "the world's biggest dance music and clubbing destination". It was the "go to" dance music magazine back in the day and still is now. It is full of articles about music and includes many other features. It is a British magazine (published in London) and was launched in 1982. "Mixmag Records" also release mixes from the best DJs on the planet.




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