Why VIVA will be the next generation of crypto? Simplicity in a complex environment.

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Beyond technical considerations, I was seduced by the Viva approach: a simple concept, simple operation and a complete solution. I therefore approach the subject from the angle of a future uninitiated user.



Viva is an economic system using crypto-currency. Its objective is to provide a basic income. It's simple, it's practical. You probably will not get very rich but you will have a substantial residual income as long as you participate.

Viva is not a game, is not a lottery but a financial tool. I get a reward for the work I do.

So, let's forget the great concepts of blockchain, decentralization, transparency, etc. They are present in Viva but they are only tools that the user does not need to know the how of the why to achieve the goal.

With VivaConomy, we do not try to change the world, to make the world of tomorrow, but simply how to improve the world today, how to meet the immediate needs.


There are two types of members: Crown holders and Vivos.
• The Crown holder acquires a license to "print" the currency and maintain the value of the Vivacoin around $ 5.50 USD.
• The Vivos participate in the activities of the Vivaconomy.

When registering, the new member receives two accounts: a current account and a Viva Investment Pool (VIP). If the VIP is in "compound" mode, the earnings will be used to increase your participation power otherwise they will be deposited in the current account to spend them according to your wishes.

The social network

Among the activities, 25% of the global liquidity poll is allocated to the platform's social network.

• Each vivo can create, publish articles, videos, etc.
• Each day, each vivo receives a limited number of votes each worth $ 1 USD that must be used otherwise they are returned to the global liquidity pool.
• Voting is attributed to content or persons without any time limit.
• Votes received are deposited each day. if your account is in compounding mode, this is used to acquire more stake in the pool, otherwise it's credited directly to your current account in your wallet to spend as you wish.

The worker node

Another way to participate in the Vivaconomy is to "rent" your computer. By installing a program on your device, it will be connected to the Viva network. When available, it will perform data processing tasks. The payment will be deposited as soon as the task is completed.

Others projets

Viva plans to develop other projects to which the Vivos can participate.

The financial market

Instead of wanting to impose an economy based on cryptos, Viva proposes a currency at par with local currencies. So, $ 1 vUSD = $ 1 USD, $ 1 vCAD = $ 1 CAD. Merchants therefore do not need to change their payment system.

All operations of the Vivaconomy are carried out with TradeQwik exchange. It is both a portfolio and a gateway for exchanges between crypto and fiat currencies.

It is also the tool that allows:
• Make trading between many cryptos
• Transfer money from person to person
• Transfer to MasterCard in any currency fiat
• Used in a VIVA ATM.

In short, Viva offers a platform that

• integrates regular currencies and cryptos
• allows all operations in one place without using any external applications.

According to the White Paper: https://s3.amazonaws.com/vivacoin/viva-white-paper-v-2-0.pdf
Website : https://vivaco.in/


VIVA really is an economic system rather than just another cryptocurrency. Very good explanation!

By the way, they just changed the name of that savings account from VLP which was Viva Liquidity Pool, to VIP which is Viva Investment Pool, if I'm not mistaken.

I'm in already, having bought several Viva Crowns early. I invite others to have a look and consider joining us in the new VIVAconomy! Thanks for spreading the word!

I'm in already, having bought several Viva Crowns early.

How exactly did you do that?

Oh man, missed out on cheap crowns lol didn't know such a thing happened.

Maybe it will be like having bought Bitcoin at $1 or at $40. Nice move either way! :-)

You're in now and that's what counts. Good to see you in the chat's #crownholders channel!

Steem / Steemit's still the permissionless playground for the neighbourhood. VIVA's almost like mission control.

Same here damn

Thanks for the information.

Wow! That's the simplest most concise, yet complete description I've seen so far. I'd like to ask everyone to refer to this post when answering questions.

Simplified :)

Thanks very much! I will produce the post in French, my mother language.

Hmm @grandpere seems interesting... why is Viva NOT a ponzi scheme?

The answer is in Got VIVA Crown Questions? at https://vivaco.in/

What is your personal view?

Vivos do not have to invest money. VivaCrown holders invest in a venture like any new startup.
Viva is already involved in other projects and applications, which gives some credibility.

What gives the credibility for the exponential increase in the value of a viva crown though?

Especially given the influx of marketing from people who have a vested interest on steemit?

The viva is a crypto currency, for the time very volatile.Several people believe in the project.
As for @williambanks, he has been on Steemit since July 2016. He has been very involved with his posts, comments and suggestions. Now he talks about his project just as many others have been promoting their projects. The two projects are not in opposition, they can become complementary but they have different objectives.

I love simple posts. Good job!


Thank you for your explanation!

It's been confirmed that VLP will indeed change to VIP.

I'm new to blogging and cryptos but after Steemit it seems Viva will be easier to approach.

This is great information. Finally I start to get a little bit about VIVA.

A few days ago I registered with @tradeqwik. I understand that means I am a member of the VIVA community, and according to this article I would be a VIVO.

If you can advice me on what to do next to get involved, it would be much appreciated. Perhaps allowing the use of my computers at night, though I´m not sure about that. What about posting things? Posts here in Steemit count as posts in the VIVA community?

Thank you.