Solar Coach powered by VIVAcoin.

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Last week I worked to promote the VIVAcoin ICO which start tomorrow, May 1st. I have been awarded a VIVA Crown for my work. So every three months, I will be have a Treasury Right to mint VIVAcoin.

The VIVAconomy is a fantastic new economic and financial system, but it makes no sense to develop it if the society is destroyed by the climate change. I implemented Solar coach to promote solar energy, to shift from the fossil fuel to solar energy.

Solar coaches are paid to promote solar energy. They also have to invest 300 € per year into collective solar projects.

The VIVAconomy is giving me new ideas to market Solar coach, to invest and to finance solar energy project. Solar coach is now powered by VIVAcoin !

To better understand our network you should read the previous articles :

Marketing tools for solar coach

Thank you !
To become a solar coach, kindly reply to this post.



I've been an advocate of solar energy for many years. Owning and operating an electrical contracting business for 10 years, my company has performed many solar power installations both on- and off-grid for individuals and businesses.

As progress is made in this field, the current issue with disposal of spent batteries and panels will be solved. The only true issue I see that faces the solar industry, which applies to any such alternative fuel (i.e., wind or hydro) is the problem of adoption. Changing from 120V AC to 12/16/18V DC is currently expensive because it is new and not a lot of DC refrigerators are available at Home Depot or Lowes - at least not many which are household size.

Even though DC is much more efficient than AC electricity, it is not widely adopted. Imagine households running DC power. < dream clouds rolling in, ethereal music playing> Electric bills are a thing of the past because every roof does triple duty: keeping weather out of the house, providing electricity, and heating household water. Imagine no more ugly and dangerous electric lines and poles marring the landscape; no more electric lines snapping in icy weather.

I could go on and on. Adoption is the key. The more solar energy is adopted, the more affordable it becomes. Prices have already come WAY down from when my company first began with solar.

I believe you have something going here @chrisaiki! Not only have you adopted solar energy, but you have adopted VIVA - a socially responsible economic system which, like solar energy, GIVES BACK to the user!

Way to go @chrisaiki! Upvoted, ReSteemed, and I'm following you! You certainly show to have the good of society and the planet in your heart!

I also run a photovoltaic car shelter company from 2008 to 2011. We had to spend a lot time to explain how solar energy is working and what is the interest. The I have been teaching for 6 years. Today, I am combining the two of then, teaching about solar energy. If you like the courses, then you buy them, you promote them and you sell them, following a two level marketing system I tried to keep as simple as possible. All the bills will be paid in VIVAcoin or Steem. At the end of the year, the Solar coach will have to invest 300 € (= 60 VIVAcoin ) into a local collective solar plant. Your comments are welcome.

I had no idea that you were so well versed in the electrical industry. I grew up in this industry also, Ironically I never took time to get a license after dedicating to electronics, but I do still wire and repair when I get a chance. I believe that the solar industry will take off soon due to the new tech in batteries. /salute

The Solar Coach concept is new to me and I am interested. I will read your links when I can. The whole VIVA ICO experience is keeping me very busy lately, but I do want to read your stuff. Thanks for sharing the links!

I plan to hire 20 000 people in the next 5 years, but don't worry, it not like the VIVA crown, you are sure to have your place in the network in June. If you have only 30 ', you can have a look at this teaser !

Nice teaser video! I'll keep this in mind, thanks!

I am looking for ten people willing to invest 400 VIVAcoin and 5 hours per week. You could get back 600 VIVAcoin per month, for the next 5 years, if you stay involved in the process.

Very interesting. I have an interest in solar energy.
I will follow up and watch the videos.
Thanks for this information!!

You are welcome

Thanks for sharing
Have a great weekend

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I love your ideas and love solar. I would love to know more. I am reading now with a light only powered by a tiny solar

You only have to read the 11 posts indicated above and post your questions here or inside the posts. Your comments are welcome.

interesting. I will look deeper.

From solarguy to solar coach, you only have a small step to do. A small step for you, a large step for humanity :)

I take many small steps. ^^

Happy to meet you!