Vocab-ability–176 (pet, petit = seek, ask) – A More Powerful Vocabulary (earn UpVotes with “Vocab Practice” exercise)

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  1. Appetite
    My appetite for posting hasn't fled, though I've been unable to post this smarmy comment for 3 days.
  2. Petition
    I'd petition someone who cares, but...
  3. Compete
    Let's not compete for the attention of the dev team, they're working with hard forks.

Good work!


  1. The pregnant woman had an appetite for having a cake
  2. The petition declared that the criminal should be jailed
  3. The two sisters compete each other in drawing

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  1. Appetite
    Jane’s appetite for playing video games are feeding her competitive and addictive nature.

  2. Petition
    Petitions have the potential to help the majority of people who believe in the same values.

  3. Compete
    Perfect Jane loves to compete with herself as a way to improve herself.

Good work!


  1. My friend Nathan always have an insatiable appetite for sex.

  2. The young man angrily sent the petition of his resignation to his boss

  3. Whenever life pushes you here and there don't compete with it, just be calm and listen to the message it's trying to give to you.

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  1. A good appetite is a good sauce.
  2. I signed a petition against the proposed closure of the local hospital today.
  3. Stand out, if you want to compete with me!


  1. I have an appetite for apple this evening.

  2. A petition was made by the trade union against the government

  3. The boxers had to compete with one another in order to determine which of them is worthy of the prize money

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  1. Appetite.
    She didn’t have a good appetite when she was on chemotherapy the food tasted awful and she loses some weight.

  2. Petition.
    People need to file a petition at the US Immigration if they desire to come to United States legally.

  3. Compete.
    The young lady has been practicing tennis at the gym to compete for the upcoming tournament next year.

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  1. Appetite:
    Dad lost his appetite due to the fear of being obese.

  2. Petition:
    The petition against the senate president is not in accordance with the constitution.

  3. Compete:
    In my college, students compete for first class honour to get a better job.

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  1. Appetite. When I become stressed out, my appetite goes right out the window, and I don't want to even look at food.

  2. Petition. The voting rights group personally delivered hundreds of boxes of petitions to Congress regarding protest against the upcoming vote.

  3. Compete. The track meet was scheduled for Friday afternoon and Sally was ready to compete with her fellow long-distance runners.

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1.-It say "Bon appetite" before the meal.
2.- I made my petition application to obtain my visa.
3.- I don´t want to compete with you.

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my vocab practice

  1. Appetite
    Mary lost her appetite because she was very ill
  2. Petition
    othniel got a petition from the organization
  3. Compete
    she couldn't say a word during the opening tournament because she didn't have the strenght to compete with her rivalry any longer .

Good work!

My Vocab Practice

  1. Appetite
    When he saw the look of the food he lost his appetite
  2. petition
    They all had to fill a petition before they got accepted
  3. compete
    Samuel is a guy who always loves to compete.


  1. A good gamer always have appetite for new games.
  2. In spite of the weather, the petition was signed by 500 people just today.
  3. The politicians should compete each other to bring wellness to people.

Good work!

My Vocab Practice

  1. Jon's appetite runs to steem rather than bitcoin.
  2. The salad petition was passed today.
  3. Ralph and Dan compete in a run every day.

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Good work!

1-Seeing this delicious food wake up my appetite
2-Court rejects my petition
3-There is no compete between you and I.

Good work!


  1. Appetite
    My appetite disappeared in the moment when I saw how they prepare the food.

  2. Petition
    I've been part in many petitions against corruption and animals safety.

  3. Compete
    Trying to compete with the others is something wrong unless you don't compete with yourself first.

Good work!

everyday i want to learn somthing new. good suggestion.

That's wonderful @winy. So, I would say that the suggestion would be to learn these words: (1) appetite, (2) petition, and (3) compete.

And make a sentence out of it to show your understanding of the meaning of each word.

Have a wonderful day!

This article is very interesting. I'm learning English right now. Thank you very much.

Feel free to participate in the Vocab Practice. It's a great way to increase your vocabulary, practice your vocabulary, and earn UpVotes.


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Every day I learn something new, Good class thanks

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OH, GOOD WORK, This post is very helpful i hope all "Steemers" Benefits ;)

Very good post!

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  1. The appetite for adventure is fueled by the fascination by the unknown.
  2. There is an industry of people who spend their every spare moment to petition businesses and institutions.
  3. To compete on the job market one need to develop their skills and attitude, along with their education.

Good work!