How will the launch of Voice effect Steem?

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Today we found out Voice will launch in beta on 14 February 2020.

How will that impact steem and the steem community?

Would love to hear your thoughts.



It’s about time we got some real competition. Should wake STINC up.

I think they wasted a lot of their early mover advantage. Users have been dropping... But could just be the bear market.

Will be interesting to see what sort of rewards/tokenomics they choose.

Everyones chasing that paper ;)

What is voice?

Social media platform built in the Eos blockchain

hi @kabir88

do you have your own opinion on that matter? personally I'm not interested with voice because of their KYC requirements


It's not a zero sum game and if Voice does well, it will expand the whole market.

I think the KYC requirements show that Voice is unlikely to compete directly with Steem.

Hope you're well otherwise :)

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Some Steemians will try out Voice. Some curious about Voice will go there and learn about Steem. Inthe end more people will be on a blockchain social site then before but it won’t really affect Steem itself.

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Maybe those who were going to leave have left already. You maybe right, it will make people think about blockchain and social media again.