Paid Steemian Volunteer Needed (Volunteer Found!)

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I am looking for a Steemian Volunteer, that can help me run these initiatives.

The job at hand will be to curate the initiatives, for instance for YangGang, go through and upvote the post that correctly followed the guidelines + put effort into making the post. I will give a more clear-cut standard on how much a post should get and why.

This is a paying gig. (pay to be discussed based on availability)

Having someone to help with these initiatives means I can run more of them simultaneously.

Please contact me on Username dhenz

Position filled, thanks for everyone that reached out!


I have made a banner for the whole #yanggang to use. No attribution is required (yet is appreciated). I am on board. Have spent most of the day bouncing back and forth from the Andrew Yang Official Campaign Website and reading/curating posts tagged #yanggang.

Here is the banner. Hope it is useful until a much better graphic designer than I comes up with one.


Changed the font on this one a little.

Thank you @theycallmedan appreciate the upvote, but was not necessary. I am grateful though!

I just want to thank you Sir @theycallmedan for what you are doing for steem :D

You said a mouthful brother!

Hope you are doing well! You hang in there young man. I keep you in my prayers.


I would love to, but I can never guarantee my availability due to work and travel. Hope you find someone decent to fill the position.

@elsiekjay I don't know why I thought of you. See if you're interested.

Oh man sounds great.

Could you define availability? One should be like on red alert constantly? I am really interested though

I would love to see you do it :-)

You would never need to be on call at a moment’s notice but would need to be within a few days. You have 7 days to curate each initiative.

I am all in doesn't use steemconnect because of this i invited you to discord. Let us chat some about your project if you want.

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I sincerely volunteer.

I've been looking for something like this on steemit for a while. I'm available 24/7 365

I messaged you on steem chat but says your offline.

I’m excited to see you have some volunteers. I would dearly love to help, if I didn’t have a 60-hour-a-week job.

I am interested sir. Messaged you on!

I messaged you. I have a few hours a day if you still need the help. I'm happy to get involved.

This position has interests me and I'd love to be part of the team working for this.

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Congrats to who got the job. Please if you ever need extra hands in the future for any other project, I am available.

I am interested in it @theycallmedan

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Congratulations @mindtrap.

@theycallmedan, Have a pleasant time ahead and stay blessed.

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Thanks Sir, for your immense support, I am interested.

The up-vote you gave me sir is more than I get for most of my posts! Made me have to make a little something of better quality...


Minor tweeks here and there. I believe this pops a bit more! Ah, I will probably be messing with this off and on all day (#ADHD, #OCD). No more comments to bother you. My final banner will be on my #yanggang post.

Once again, feel free to use this banner if you like. Someone, I am sure will make one much better! For now, this will probably work in a pinch.

I really appreciate you sir, I will really love to be a part of it... I will really do my best if an opportunity is given to me

I would like to participate