VOTU vs. Master Post Finder

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Hi everyone!

I am happy to announce that yesterday we had our first ever post-promotion show, live on the VOTU server!

It went awesomely and we got to see many great posts by many talented creators!

So without saying too much, here are the posts that were shared.

@hazem91 shared an insightful post about how he celebrates Ramadan. He explained how Ramadan is more than just a month long fasting, but that it's about every person trying to be as good as possible. To live piously throughout the month.


Next up we had @thehive, sharing his initiative with us. The hive is a fairly new community on the blockchain, and it aims to empower all its members through mutual support, and some other, very clever concepts.


@andrades shared a very nice poem with us, and we kind of forced him to read it! He did an amazing job!


Keeping with the Ramadan spirit, @madamuhammad shared a post explaining how the celebrate this month in Aceh/Indonesia. Here's a hint, They Eat More! lol.


@topkpop was with us too. She shared a heartfelt personal tale and shared some amazing cat photos. OMG! Cats are the best.


@alarconr22.arte made some amazing boxes with amazing hand painted psychedelic decoration.


@mballesteros shared an interesting story about a crocodile that escaped from its enclosure 3 times! Scary stuff!


There were quite a few other posts shared too as the show got on way. I will list them now!





The posts were ALL amazing, and I want to thank everyone who participated. I want to give extra special thanks to @miguelvargas and @blacklibertario who helped me tremendously by translating some of the Spanish posts. I hope to see you both again next week!

To join us on the pirate ship and meet some of the members of our great community, feel free to click here


Thank you very much @stephanus for giving us the opportunity to present our post and also for the patience you had for us. It was a pleasure to share with you. Thanks to you and to @beanz.

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Great show 😉 you're a natural 😊
Didn't you forget one post though? 🤔

Dan Larimer Exposed By @Stephanus !

Good collection of posts here! Sorry I missed the inaugural edition of your show, but will try to catch it next week!

nice the post

I've had a great time with you @stephanus and with everyone who participated in the show. Really, thank you very much for the invitation, for your time and well, although it was very hard for me to translate, it was quite fun, it helped me to practice my English which was quite rusty, hahaha.

We will see each other more often on the VOTU server, I want to improve my English skills and, above all, continue to share with all of you.

You had a slow start but ran into working overtime in the end I think.