Doom was terrifying enough with just the lights off... now you want to create an immersive experience???? oh no!

Just kidding. IF something like that could be done it would end up being the best-selling game of all time...

I think there are good chances for a Doom Eternal VR version. I guess some big studios also consider now how to design one version for pancake and VR to lower production costs. If you look at Boneworks which is like a great tech demo you can imagine what happens when developers begin to use VR to its fullest potential. More full games are coming for VR the next years and the experience to be inside these worlds using your hands, eyes in a much more natural way is fascinating. Btw Doom classic levels were already great fun in VR but it’s not the same like playing the original Doom in Dosbox, masterpiece! It would need a remake completely based on the original. The flickering lights in some areas are still scary 😀.

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Great piece. Any more detail on the VR options for PS5?
I've not owned a Playstation before, but if we have some plug-n-play, 4 player VR options, I'll be seriously tempted.

currently there are just serious leak informations of the specs by Sony CTO itself which promise the following:

  • PS5 release in 2020
  • all PS4 and PSVR games playable
  • CPU 7nm Ryzen 8 core 16 threads
  • GPU with graphics performance of about a RTX 2080 (14 TFlops) -> about 3x faster than PS4 Pro
  • 24 GB RAM
  • 2TB nand flash

PSVR 2 specs not well known yet just rumors

  • release maybe 2021
  • 2560x1440 per eye
  • 120 Hz
  • 220° FOV (unlikely)
  • dynamic foveated rendering with eye tracking
  • wireless 4-5h
  • Controller with finger tracking (see Index Knuckles, maybe)
  • VR function integrated in PS5 (no box)
  • 250$ (unlikely)

regarding multiplayer, i have no clue but the following links revealing possible titles. Current PSVR allows several multiplayer experiences like Firewall Zero Hour, Rec Room (private room), No Man's Sky (meet in on planets, Nexus), Sparc (private room) - if you have friends with PSVR you can organize things but i have no experience with it

mo fun VR

I tried a VR set once in (what's the word for it?) A place where you try VR. I don't know if it's my eyes but everything was blurry (I couldn't read text even though it was big.)

They didn't know what's wrong, it's not the set because my brother saw everything clearly.

Wish to try VR again, but I'm not going to buy a set just to try messing with settings. (Also money)

Do you know which HMD (head mounted display) or headset it was?

following things to consider when blurry:

  • IPD (Inter-pupillary distance) of the lenses (there are fixed (just software IPD) and better with mechanical slider -> if you have a very small (<=60mm or very high >=75mm) you can get problems
  • sweetspot area which means how tolerant is the headset if you move it relatively to your eyes, some have a wide range for sweetspot others not -> just try to move the headset in another position on your head, try to fasten it if too loose (PSVR works if you move the headset up or down e. g.)
  • resolution per eye currently ranging from 960x1080 (PSVR) up to 3840x2160 (Pimax 8k) which can make a huge difference in sharpness, readability of text, but also depends on the used FOV, what counts is ppi (pixels per inch) e. g. very high in the HP Reverb 1058pp for example with a horizontal FOV of about 105°
  • display type e. g. AMOLED or LCD combined with glare/godray effect, but current gen is quite good except the Index has some minor problems with that, but overall not so important
  • bad resolution setting in software because of a demanding app/game like in current No Man's Sky which still has no Pro Patch for PS4 e. g. quite blurry

Thanksn for taking time to explain. Sadly, I don't know which set it was, I know it's a PC one not the one for PS4.

Basically current gen has no issue with big enough text. Even a quite low res PSVR is good readable so i guess you were out of the sweetspot of the HMD or bad software or it was a very old HMD. Just try one of the newer:

  • Oculus Rift S
  • Oculus Quest
  • HP Reverb
  • Lenovo Explorer
  • Samsung Odyssey+
  • Pimax (5K+, 5K XR, 8K)
  • Valve Index
  • HTC Vive (Pro)
  • (upcoming) HTC Vive Cosmos

If you wear glasses normally many headsets have enough space inside for it or maybe you don't even need your glasses (many people experienced that) or you can use lens inserts for some HMD's (but i don't know which one).

Good job! (:

Thanks Oli!

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doom was an incredibly terrifying game with a 16-bit console and just turning the lights off. I can't imagine this.