The Devil's Gift And Its Wahala || pob-wotw

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My child, Life is a journey, a tough one for that matter, but never allow yourself to stray away from the part of good for any reason. Remember, the bitter kola tastes bitter at first but the taste becomes sweet when you chew further. Never be intimidated by the success of those who do evil, for their success lasts only but a while. The wahala that comes from it is usually disastrous for the perpetrator and those who took part in it.

Jonas: Dad, thank you for your kind words. I have always followed in your footsteps. I know very well that evil will lead to doom.

Good to hear, but I called you today to share a story that I believe will present a good lesson for you. I understand the fact that you are still struggling to be financially stable. There is always a temptation at this stage in life, especially when those around you are succeeding.

When I was young, I had a friend called Johnson. We both graduated from the same school and hunted for jobs together. We couldn't secure anyone for two years after our graduation. What sustained us was the mini-jobs we do for people.
One day, Johnson came to me and narrated about a certain shrine that bestows wealth on those who will worship its god. According to him, it doesn't require human sacrifice but total submission to worship of the deity and a monthly sacrifice of fowl. All my advice against such commitment was not effective. He was enticed by the success of our other friends who have gone to the shrine.
In the end, he gave up the faith he had practiced for long and placed himself to the service of the deity. Indeed, he became wealthy beyond my imagination, and at some point, I was tempted to give in, especially when he turned his back on me when things were not in shape for me. His Wahala started when the shrine was destroyed by the church. It happened that the villagers where the shrine was situated had always wanted to destroy the shrine because of the bad image it paints for the village, but were afraid of the powers of gods. Again the man in charge of the shrine took the land from them by force. So the king made a declaration that any church that can destroy the shrine should have the land for free. On a certain day, a priest with some of his church members went to the shrine. It wasn't an easy battle but light won over darkness in the end.

The destruction of the shrine brought doom to all who had obtained wealth from it. Some of them went mad while some died mysteriously. Johnson was among those who died. So, you see my son, never follow the saying " if you can't beat them, join them". There are implications from it. When the god was destroyed, its worshippers went with him; that's one thing with wahala.

Jonas: Thank you, dad, Indeed the devil gives with one hand and collects with the other. I know things might not be moving well for me now but I won't allow anything to make me lose focus.

Good, remember there is always light at the end of the tunnel for those who persevered. Do have a lovely day, son.


A good story with some good lessons and morals shared @joseph23. We should always consider what we are indeed trading when we make a pact like this... and whether one's life (and soul) isn't perhaps too high a price to pay. !PIZZA !ALIVE

It's so sad.
Darkness will never be able to comprehend light.
When the devil gives one a shoe, he takes the leg.
Nothing good comes from the devil.
It is important for believer to flee from every appearance of evil so as to avoid falling into temptation.