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Welcome to Waivio! Let's customize your profile on Waivio and publish your first post on the Hive Social Blockchain.

1. Notifications

2. Edit Profile

3. Settings

- Voting mana

4. Affiliate Codes

5. Feed

6. First Post

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1. Notifications

First, Sign in to Waivio with your Hive account. Upon logging in, you'll notice that your profile lacks a logo or any personalization. You also probably don’t have any activity on your feed, as you are not following anyone yet. But before we proceed with customizing your profile, it's important to set up notifications to ensure you receive critical announcements, this enhances the security of your account.

Navigate to Tools and click on @WaivioNotificationsBot.


It will direct you to a Telegram bot. Click on "Send Message", which will then redirect you to a telegram chat. If you don't have Telegram, you can install it with this link:


In the telegram chat, click start and then enter your Hive username; for example, I will enter mine - cleobaby. You will be all set to receive important notifications. If you have multiple Hive accounts, you can add all of them to the same bot chat.


Next, we can configure the notifications you wish to receive; the default ones include LIKES, REBLOGS, REPLIES, MENTIONS, FOLLOW, STATUS CHANGED, ACTIVATION CAMPAIGN, and all the wallet transactions; you can turn these notifications ON or OFF.

Also there are security alerts such as outgoing transfers, withdrawals and so on - these are always on to ensure the safety of your account.

2. Edit Profile

Next, let's set up your profile. On the side menu, choose "Edit Profile." Here, you can change your name, add "about me, information " add your country, or email if you want—but keep in mind that this information will be public, so don't include anything sensitive like your home address.

Then, add your website—for example, if you are a shop owner, you can add your link here. I have a CleoBaby social shop, so I will add my link; if you want to learn how to create a beautiful shop yourself in under 10 minutes, check out this tutorial.


Next, let's upload your avatar. Click “Upload” and choose an image from your computer. Then, let's also add a cover image.

You can also add your social network accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, GitHub, and even your public Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet addresses.

Finally, let's also add a signature. This functions the same as the email signature—whenever you make a comment on a post or reply to a comment, it will automatically be added. For example, shop owners can add their link here.



3. Settings

Let's move on to Settings. Here, you can choose an interface language for navigating Waivio.

You can also select content languages—this determines what posts will be shown in your thread. For example, the default one is English but if you also add Spanish, you will see posts in both English and Spanish.


Next, select the currency you prefer for viewing your rewards and earnings.

Then, you have an option to turn on or off NSFW (Not Safe for Work) posts.

You can also choose to turn on the night mode. There are a few other more advanced settings too.

Voting power (mana)

Now, let's discuss voting power (mana). When you possess WAIV and HIVE power, you gain voting power, which can be used to upvote posts and comments. Casting a vote on other users' posts reduces your voting power, meaning each vote decreases your voting power. However, this reduction is temporary, as your voting power recharges by 20% each day.


By actively participating in the community through voting and curating posts, you earn curation rewards proportional to your vote value. For more details, please check the "About Waivio" video.

Using the slider, you can choose the percentage of your vote allocation.


If you select 100%, each time you vote on a post, your vote value will decrease by 2%. For example, if your vote value is $1, after a one 100% vote, it will be $0.98. But if you choose 1% - it will be $0.998.

Thus, you can sustainably make 10 votes of 100%, 20 votes of 50%, or 100 votes of 1% daily.


I don't recommend choosing lower than 50% unless you curate a lot of posts. Remember, your vote value recharges every day by 20%, so if you make 10 votes of 100% a day (and your vote value falls from $1 to 80 cents), the next day your vote will recharge back to $1.


If you prefer to adjust the percentage allocation for each post individually, ensure that the "enable slider" option is activated. Otherwise, you can "disable slider", and your chosen percentage will be applied every time you vote.


When you have made changes to the settings, make sure to click Save.

4. Affiliate codes

The next section is "Affiliate codes". Here you can add your affiliate codes for your profile shop. You can add products to your profile shop by marking them with a heart. If you specify your affiliate codes, you can earn commissions when people make purchases originating from your shop. To add an affiliate code, simply search for your affiliate program, such as, and enter your code.


This affiliate code will be automatically applied to all Amazon products in your shop. For more details, please check out the "Shops in User Profiles" tutorial.

5. Feed

To stay updated with news and useful content about Waivio make sure to follow @Waivio and if you're starting a social shopping venture. There's a wealth of engaging content on Hive waiting for you to explore. You can begin by searching hashtags related to your interests, such as "photography." From there, you can follow the hashtag itself or check out the "Experts section" to discover users who frequently post content on this topic.


6. First post

Now, let's write your first post—perhaps introduce yourself. To write your first post, click the write post icon.


Add a title and your story, and add a hashtag #introduceyourself (keep in mind that you can only use this hashtag once).


Click Ready to Publish, check the legal notice and click Publish.

That’s it. You've successfully customized your profile and you are ready to engage with the Hive Social Blockchain community. Welcome aboard!

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Good point! Starting your journey on Hive by setting up instant notifications through Telegram is smart. It's the most efficient way to ensure both the safety of your account and active community engagement.

You also made the concept of voting mana easy to grasp by comparing it to a battery that recharges at a rate of 20% per day—this analogy is easy to remember.