How Hive builds relationships

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Last Week I get a phone call out of the blue.

Hey this is Matt, I am xxxxxx on Hive. I hope you remember me.

(not sharing who just yet as I have no idea if he wants this to be common knowledge)

Turns out he is visiting Switzerland and remembered I live here and wanted to catch up. It had been since HiveFest in Krakow since we last saw each other and we had been in a few calls after that.

We ended up having dinner and over the course of that evening a business plan was born.

Screenshot 2022-11-19 at 13.11.19.png

We are going to try setting up a Waivio business model for restaurants built by @grampo here in Switzerland starting with Zürich.

Since I am already involved in Online Services for Restaurants here it is a perfect fit. This has got me exited again and strikes me as a cool opportunity to set something up in a country that is crypto friendly and has a lot of people who are curious to find out about the topic.

What amazes me though is how the community of Hive is still so small that you can catch up easily and contact people out of the blue if you are visiting some area. Its like having friends or acquaintances all over the world. If they recognise your user name there is already a built in layer of trust and knowledge that you are part of the same community.

The chain also allows for easy verification if this is the same person in case you never met and if needed can be used to do some kind of check and get a feel of the person by reading their posts.

It has been over a year since my daughter was born and these are hard times (time management wise) but slowly we are catching our breath. So maybe this will also allow me to be a bit more active here. Something I am looking forward to.
Feels good to give a small sign of life again


I hope you two have a great time catching up :) I've seen the Waivio tag around, but am not familiar with the project.

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yes, it was a pleasant surprise for me as well to see all the content

hive is promising, still we all need to do our own research

yea, there is so much going on here. I did not even realise the waivio project was such a thoroughly thought out project