Review: Hive 5, My Favorite Coffee Mug

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Hive 5 - My Favorite Coffee Mug

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-23 at 12.40.39.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-23 at 12.40.40.jpeg

This coffee mug is very special for me as my friends gifted me on my birthday. As you can see that all my friends signed and commented on it. I mostly drink coffee in it on my birthday and remember those old friends.

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Good luck for contest entry of waivio. I also wanted to share my mug but I usually blog on different topics and rarely.

Also, I am tea person and not a coffee guy 🙂

I like the idea of waivio to review some places with 2 photograph. Hope this idea prevail and like Google guide we review hotels and places.

I don't remember selling any of my waivio tokens.

The website of waivio have alot of features for devs for data extraction cause of that I am hopeful about the project. Also my 10$ waiv are 2$ now xD

Not investing but also not selling

In short, I am looking forward to waivio developments and Contests

Waivio offers a multitude of rewards, both local and global. While some rewards may be specific to certain regions, such as photos of dishes from local restaurants, there are also numerous global campaigns available, such as outdoor gear and makeup.

Thanks for your comment. I was aware of it.

If it's just images then can waivio try something like leothreads or anything which is not a direct post? I do had couple mugs but making a post just to show mugs is just not my thing.

I think waivo is a unique idea to review something with photo proof like google guide. So it is like a hive guide. Right now limited to some places hope in future they onboard different product and countries to review. Yes they do this that post on waivo review not shown on hive. If they like they can add a post on hive to combine different posts. For Pakistani bloggers on waivo no product to review as all mention brands not working in Pakistan.

Yes they do this that post on waivo review not shown on hive

How that's really temptational.

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i have also one big tea cup, i would like to share my tea cup, but hope soon, i will capture my tea cup ,your coffee cup is equal two cup

What an imaginative mug! You made a great discovery!