So proud of my mom!

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Mom has always been the main chef in our home and also in the marketplace for decades and we always enjoyed her exceptional culinary skills.

But since dad went home, she hasn't been really touching anything from the kitchen much.

Except this very special day

It was my aunt's 81st birthday and this gave mom enough reason to head over to the kitchen again.

She made this special inspired Malaysian kueh called "seri muka" (beautiful face) where the original form is pandan flavoured custard top with sweeten glutinouse rice with coconut milk; but instead of the usual ingredients, her creativity sparked and made a tweaked version in jelly form!

She also purposefully made it less sweet so that everyone will enjoy it better after a hearty meal; with the pandan leaf at the top as garnish.#aliveandthriving

Everyone loved it, #proofofbrain #teammalaysia so did I; and my aunts and cousins too!


So proud of my mom! 🥰#foodiesbeehive


Really enjoyed the dessert! Your mom is such a talented chef!

You are so blessed to try that! 😋

Haha yes! Truly blessed indeed ! 🙌🏼

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Oh this looks totally yummy! Didn't realise that aunty Amy is your mom!
Tweaked creative food is definitely within my interest!

Here's a token celebration of your mom's success to cook more again!


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Aw That is so sweet @vocup! Thank you!

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Definitely looks lovely and yummy!

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This looks very yummy. Your aunty is very talented 👍