Compassion And Sympathy

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May 05, 2022 Odessa / Ukraine.

Dear Hivers! Today YOU made 3 families to feel happier!
YOUR precious upvotes brought smiles to their faces!

By this morning we had 17'198 UAH (730 CAD) of "Upvoted & cashed out" balance.
The task was to distribute it wisely: every cent of your upvotes should be addressed to the victims of war, who are in most need at the moment!
Same as before, we asked for assistance our friends from Volunteer Centre "MRIYA".
Its Coordinator Liliya supervises refugees with small children and disabled lonely old people.
Based on her knowledge of priorities two parents were invited for shopping.
For the old man she made a list of needed products.


Several times humanitarian centres proposed us to buy food and other essentials in accordance with our understanding, bring to them and they will distribute it further. Well, that is a way too... It takes less efforts and time...
But of course we do prefer to let people to make their own choice.
Thanks, YOU enabled us finacially and this is the least WE can do for them!

Below three short stories in pictures. I think these stories need no comments.
Just look at their faces!





Below : Coordinator Liliya follows the list made for disabled lonely old man.



Today we spent only 3'396 UAH .
Liliya (coordinator) advised us not to spend all available balance at once. But instead to use this cash as an SOS emergency. Because actually every day they face these emergency cases.
And not always they have sufficient cash to solve the problems.
So we standby for tomorrow's SOS call!

Thank YOU for this unic opportunity to bring people a bit of happiness!
My heart is full of gratitude for your so kind support to our people!

Defend Odessa - Save People - Save Ukraine !


Thank You!!!
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Hey! Thanks a lot for helping people! So much needed right now! You are a man with a capital letter!
Now more than ever it is important to be united and support each other!
I also try to help as much as I can. Doing good is so nice. And to know that you did not stand aside in such a difficult, tragic war!
I wish that our country Ukraine won!
Thanks to our heroes and ordinary people!
We defend our country as best we can, we believe in victory!
Pray! 💙💛

Слава Україні та нашим героям!

I repeat after you:
"We defend our country as best we can, we believe in victory!"
We are Ukrainians, Winners is our second name!

Wow, this is commendable. Hive is truly touching lives. God bless you.

Hive Community makes these miracles possible! Thanks! God Bless You!

Amen, and bless you more.

It is great to see so many people doing so much to help.
This just goes to show we the people can stand united regardless of geographics.

That's 100% true!

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@tipu curate 💙🇺🇦💛

Thanks! 💙🇺🇦💛

You're welcome! 💙💛🇺🇦💛💙

Great work. It's really great to see people helping others. The good things you do will always come back to you.