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Just uploaded my first video on Ecency! It was a little confusing at first, but got it figured out!

@ecency is quickly becoming my go-to Hive app! Keep up the good work!

Great that you figured it out! After you have done it once or twice it becomes easy.

Another new morning is here. It's Monday.

For the last couple of days, I have been feeling "less motivated" for the 9⁰⁰ walk. Today I skipped it too, like yesterday.

Do you walk regularly/daily?

Good morning, BTW :)

Where do you live sir? Every picture of yours is so clear and beautiful.
Just want to know whether it's your talent or the place itself is beautiful 😅😊🍀

That's fantastic to hear!

That place must be beautiful :) I am not good at taking pictures!

It's in Oman, in the Middle East.


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Nice view. Yes I love walking 🚶 good to move to have energy and warmth. Stay motivated to be regular walking there. Good week ahead.

Thank you very much. It's good to hear that you love walking too :)

Have a nice day there :)


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Did my 10k race around London. Report to follow.

Awesome! 🎉

Well done!!! 🥳

☀️Sunday #sunrise Tower☀️

Oh now this is absolutely fucking gorgeous 😀

thank you, was great light that moment 🖖🏼☀️🤙🏼

Hi Waves, for work reasons I have been a little distant (but not oblivious). I hope tomorrow to bring a new post, Episode 1 of the Series the Havana Entrepreneur.

As soon as I post it, I'll share the link over here 😉.

Good morning wavers 🌊

Today the weather is so beautiful, the sun is playing hide&seek behind the clouds 😍


Same weather in my city

Great... enjoy 👍

Good morning too you.
Enjoy your game with sun 😜😁

Have a great day 👍

Good morning this is nice

Good morning dear 🌞

The #Ecency is appreciating you for making amazing waves🫰🏼
#SupportEcency #KeepSurfingWaves 🏄🏼

Thank you so much 😊

What a beautiful morning sky!

Yeah...this is beautiful 😍

Such a beautiful view to capture. Lucky 🍀 you having Sun ☀, here it's raining ☔ and very cold. Good day.

I bought a 200HP delegation for @ecency-star and Ecency Support Community accounts each, so now we give a little bit more valuable upvote to our members💙
Btw, have you heard about #ecencydelegation?

Nice step taken. It's good to support the community. Yeah liked the new feature.

Happy Sunday lovelies

Discover the true origins of Budweiser beer with my latest #beersaturday post 🍻

Neither the American nor the Colombian ones can claim the name 😉

I better go take a look!

Dog harmony :-)

Here is my brother buying some video games, that makes him happy and it makes me happy to see him well.

#game #brother #happy

Hola a tod@s!!! Os deseo un feliz comienzo de semana... Que Dios os bendiga.

Hello tod@s!!! I wish you a happy start to the week... May God bless you.

Someone who dreams about happiness, won’t achieve it.
Someone who knows his own happiness will receive it.

Hello, HIVE!
It's mid-day here in the Philippines already. Still, I'd like to share these words from Tony Robins.
Have a productive Monday!

#quoteoftheday #dailymotivation #hiveph #dailythoughtfulpost

Life’s starting to piss me off😂

It is job of the life, no?! 😊

Can’t life be a little bit easier🥲?

Today we celebrated our 4 years of marriage anniversary 🎉 here is the breakfast treat for my partner 😀😜 mayonnaise sandwich 🤤


Wish you both a very happy wedding anniversary 👫🥳

Thank uuuuu 😊😊

Happy anniversary dear

Thank you so much dear 😊

White clouds are waving in the morning sky and indicate that it is morning. The air is quite pleasant and the weather is quite good.

#Ecency #Wave

The weather looks amazing! Beautiful day

How reputation works?
At what value it should be?

#ecency #reputation #hive

It starts from 25 and gradually increases gradually as you receive votes on your content.

Depends on votes, which I get?
I was above of 50 and now fall down at 25 again, any bug?

Yes there is bug in one of the blockchain nodes. If you are on mobile app change Server from Settings page. This is what we see as your correct reputation:

ahh, okay thank you for help;)

Wavy clouds making the Palace look like a train moving towards the sun 🖖🏼☀️🤙🏼 #sunrise #clouds #photography

Just like the old steam engine tain🚂
your observation is very good👍🏼

Tuuuuuuuut 🚂 Tuuuuuuuut

Looks like I had a good week here in Hive. I won 300 EP from the SMASH contest and earned about $10 in tips. I have to go to sleep now though. I have to continue working on my tutorial video on Arduino 2morrow morning.
Good night!

Congrats on your Shadow Hunters Contest win!

Do you know that you can boost your posts and get HP delegation by using the EP?
Your Ecency Points can play a significant role in your growth here.
#SupportEcency #SurfingWaves

yup. I use EP to boost or promote my post :)

It's a Gradual process
Never give up
Never too late
Believe always

Humid evening, going to be fully in the clouds soon

I‘m on my way! 🚀🌕👍🏽 #snail #amazingnature #macro #photography

Where are you in a hurry to go at such a fast speed, brother? 😅 #JustJoking

Nice click though 👍🏼

She crossed the path in no time with my help saving her from a cyclist 💪🏽😎👍🏽

Wow, you saved her life🐌👍🏼

yep 💪🏽😎👍🏽

Wait! Let me catch up! 😁❤️

Wow! What a buddy to come across. Nice shot

thx 👍🏽

Morning with beauty of nature. Cool temperature.

Good morning🌞
Enjoy your day in cool weather

Ēsansī mātra vēva banāvavā māṭē ja nahīṁ parantu an'ya vēva sāthē jōḍāvā māṭē paṇa tamārī praśansā karē chē 😊🏄🏼

Ecency appreciates you for not only making waves but also for surfing (connecting) with other waves😊🏄🏼

Thank you bhai so much.

Good morning 🌄🌞

Sunday: The day to remember why you started and where you're headed. Now, go get it! #SundayMotivation


Post POST times somewhere near Berlin 🖖🏼👁🤙🏼 #post #sign #old #street #photography

A great reminder to go create a Post!

that’s one way to see it, right! 👍🏽

Nice post! (See what I did there?) Hahaha


On my way into London on a cold and misty morning for a 10k race. I'll report later on how it went.

Good luck!

Have a great time!

Waves editor in decks … Icon for image upload gone missing … @ecency

Made devs aware. Lots of big changes coming soon.

great, bring em on 🚀🌕👍🏽

Biggest update ever!


Hola!, ¡Tengan todos y todas un feliz domingo y muy productivo comienzo de semana!

And now what??

Y ahora que?

I hope all is good at your end.

My home planting....

Riding the wave in the city 🌊
I took the picture this week in Munich at the famous Eisbach wave. It's a steady wave in the middle of the city where people gather to ride it and to watch the riders 😀

That's so cool! 😆

It definetly is

@danigada18! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @ dailyspam. (4/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want, plus you can win Hive Power (2x 50 HP) and Alive Power (2x 500 AP) delegations (4 weeks), and Ecency Points (4x 50 EP), in our chat every day.

This is how the morning of exams goes🥲😉📕
#wave #ecency #exam

Have good marks in the exam. Boost up your energy to focus and deliver.

#fear nothing

My lunch time 😋😀😋😋

Looks delicious😋 enjoy it

Partly Sunny and Partly Cloudy Sunday here in Oman 🇴🇲. The temperature is 28°C at 13:10.

My morning shift duty is ongoing and will end in 20 minutes.

How is your life there?


Here is full sunny Sunday ☀️

Okay. Thank.

I got @tentententen to come back to Hive and share her yarn yarn 🧶

I just saw her post, they're so beautiful!

Thanks for encouraging her! 😆 she doesn’t think anyone is interested. I told her they are!

Wow, they are so pretty😊👍🏼

I sent her some Ecency Points to help welcome her back.

Shouldn’t there be some kind of pen icon?

Devs are fixing! Thanks for reporting.

welcome 🖖🏼☀️🤙🏼

I still can’t figure out seriously 😒

February is just a very short month.

A new round of writing contest has started!
This week we will talk about Remote work.


Can't wait to have the detail

Buenas familia, aquí estoy preparando un rico arroz frito, listo para degustar está noche..

Good morning; friends.I woke up late.Today the taste of the tea is better than other days.May you get big income.

There be dragons here :-)


It’s perfectly fine to deadname Twitter. It’s full of Nazis now anyway.

Luni de Miel. The perfect beer for summer:

Looks good

It's very light and fresh. Great option for hot days

Is the sweet life coming to an end?

What? Imagine that!

I sure as hell can't imagine life without a chocolate every now and then 😅😅

This news, as a sweet tooth, also shocked me.
It’s a shame that cocoa beans don’t grow in gardens in our region))

Happy Sunday ♥️

Let the Blessings be!

Best wishes dear

It's a good idea to vote posts and comments occasionally as to not let your Voting Power sit at 100%, but not lower than 80% to avoid significantly lowering the value of each of your votes. 🤓

Have some !HUGs with !LUV! 😁

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The European Central Bank ended the year with a loss for the first time in 20 years.

But sanctions were imposed against Russia

Need more!

#economy #news #sanctions #eu

What I would like to draw attention to today is that these bans are no longer directed against the authorities or business in Russia, as our government likes to say. They have been adopted against the entire population of Russia. For example, the ban on the Mir payment system and restrictions on the activities of companies involved in building housing in the country...

The reason is clear - the worse it is for the citizens of Russia, the better it is for the Western world. Let them all suffer there?

An oil slick about 29 km long formed in the Red Sea after the Houthis attacked the British freighter Rubymar.

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