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We’re excited to show you our newest baby.
We have teamed up with to build is a trading website inspired by the old CSGO tradebots, and aims to provide constant liquidity for GPK NFTs.

Our smart contract allows you to instantly buy and sell GPK cards.
Here are the basics:

- When selling cards, you will receive MOO tokens.
- When buying cards, you use MOO tokens.
- MOO can be sent to any account
- You can instantly buy and sell MOO for WAX on

How does it work?

Our smart contract has a base value set for each card type. You can find them here.
At the time of writing this article, they’re as follows:

BASE  B  = 1.0  MOO
BASE  A  = 1.1  MOO
PRISM B  = 1.5  MOO
PRISM A  = 4.0  MOO

The smart contract takes this initial value, and then applies modifiers to it based on the time this card was last deposited, and the number of copies the smart contract already holds.
The modifiers can be checked here. At the time of writing this article, they’re as follows:

  • Every duplicate reduces the price by 2.5%.
  • For every 15 minutes that this card has not been deposited, the next depositer will get 0.1% more MOO. This will reset whenever somebody deposits this specific card. This 0.1% is also modified by the -2.5% penalty for each duplicate.

So a card that has not been deposited in 5 days, will be valued at 50% more than a card that has recently been deposited, but only for the next deposit. After that it resets to the base price and starts over.

When a card has been deposited, it will be put onto the market.

It will start at 1.5x the price that was paid out to the depositing person.
The card price is reduced by 0.5% every 30 minutes for the first 24 hours, and then 0.5% every 6 hours after.

To avoid running out of cards, the price will never go below 110% of the deposit price. 8% of every purchase are author fees paid to Topps.

We will continue tweaking all numbers in the coming weeks.

We’d love your feedback and ideas! You can reach us on twitter and telegram