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Hello wonderful people? It's been a long time since I've had to post on hive. Just to tell you a little about what was going on with me. It was a little about the covid situation, I had to get the two jabs of the vaccine mandatory. Yeah it was the government's order, otherwise there would be no essential services and maybe some job opportunities either.

The first jab was okay, I mean the only thing i felt was a little pain in my left arm where the jab was administered. But some other people got other side effects with nowhere to report it or any assistance of any kind. The second jab came with all sorts of side effects; pain in the chest, a sour arm, headache, stomach issues and more issues never had before. It really had a bad side effects on my brother, watching him have to be in much pain was so tough on me.

Having heard what the vaccine has ruined for athletes and other people it's heartbreaking to see how the government is strongly pushing innocent citizens to go get it. According to some sources the effects of the jab can be life time, maybe even alter dna make up and other stuff.I have also seen people vaccinated and still die of covid.

All in all am lucky to be alive, still fighting hoping that tomorrow Will be better. Thanks to @rhondak and @michelios for being supportive all the way, checking up on me no matter the distance and time difference. Thank you guys for all you've been doing for me, it really means a lot to me.


Never give up ✊

Thanks, be strong and stay safe.

Joe, we will never give up hope of bringing you here with us. The world is a crazy place and it is definitely not getting better with these vaccines, or the governments using mandates for control. I'm so sad you and brother went through this. It's heartbreaking.

You've been so good to me, I appreciate that 😁😁👍💪

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It is thanks to @rhondak that I saw this post at all (three months late!).
Bless you, your brother, and all your loved ones.
Wishing you well, always, and for years to come, in this crazy world.
Rhonda's still struggling, too, with health issues, and I pray pray pray for everyone, even though prayers seem to have no efficacy at all... we have to keep moving, keep hoping, keep living.
(My sister is dying of cancer, and I've fallen off the face of the earth, focusing on little else...)

Am glad to be alive, am so sorry about your sister.
Rhonda's situation is still worrying me but hope everything will be okay.
With the political situation here living costs are unaffordable we are struggling to stay alive. Good news is that we are healthy 😊