One Of The Most Amazing Accidental Instant Wealth Stories Anywhere

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I love the stories of people buying something for a few bucks in a thrift store or at a flea market and later finding out it's worth tons of money. Especially when it's a painting by a famous artist.

But this story is different because the couple didn't go out to purchase something and what they had on their hands wasn't by a famous artist.

What happened is that they bought a house and the garage was full of old paintings, just piles and stacks of them thrown in there.


The seller's asked it the home buyer's wanted to also purchase the paintings. So the buyers went through them and liked what they saw, they thought the paintings were good quality and original.

They negotiated a price of $2,500. In the process of organizing them and framing some of the favorites and assessing their value they had a big surprise. They had an art expert take a look at a few of them and the expert was shocked at the quality.

A major artist is discovered

What makes this story so different is that no one knew this artist. He didn't show anyone his work so he was totally unknown. In fact, the instructions in his will were to take all his paintings and throw them in a landfill when he died!

His family decided to sell them instead.

The entire collection in the garage was estimated to be worth an astounding 30 million dollars! The couple have already sold several for a half million apiece. They're being shown in art galleries in New York City.

I bet the artist's family wasn't too happy! Here's a few of the paintings. The artist's name is Arthur Pinajian so these are authentic Arthur Pinajian masterpieces:









What's the verdict guys? Anyone willing to pay a half million for any of these? Hey, fine art is a good investment! lol.


Thanks for reading folks, God bless you all!





Frig, don't you wish you bought a house with a garage full of priceless junk!

Yes, you never know! At least the family didn't throw them away, I'm sure they thought they were pretty smart for making $2,500 on them. lol.

I’m going to start painting now and hoarding them in the attic, maybe when I pass on my boys will be able to sell my incredible work for millions - it always seems like art gains value once the artist is dead!

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lol..why not sir c0ff33a? You never know right? This artist's family probably thought he was nuts spending all his time painting those ugly things! I never would have thought they were worth anything either but I guess I have no eye for good art of this type, do you like them?

Good idea you are already great one 🤗😍

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Thank you so much tipu and sir @c0ff33a!

Holy hell!!!

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lol..I know, it's unbelievable. What would you do with that kind of money sir blewitt, buy steemit? lol.

They don't belong in a landfill but I think the artist's direction saved the family a lot of future fighting and bibkering over the estate. Now none of them can have the paintings.

Howdy sir mineopoly! I forgot all about you, sorry but if I don't see someone's username I forget, my fault though. But that is a very good point you brought up! lol. Fighting over something so valuable could rip a family apart for good.

My footsteps are soft so sometimes hard to notice.

Howdy again sir mineopoly!'re so unique, I'll get back over to your blog. I've been working offline alot so I'm super far behind on everything steemit.

I wonder why the artist behaved in such off way! Why he didn’t sell his paintings to make life more comfortable?!

The artist must not have thought his work was worth anything. I think that is the only explanation that makes sense, it's incredible isn't it? Even his family thought his artwork was not very valuable.

Crazy artist and family! I could tell straight away these are really masters’ pieces!

Oh really? I guess I have no eye for art sir kaminchan! lol. That makes the family look kind of dumb though.

Yup! I used to have artists friends and knew some painters abroad. Also I used to see lots of paintings in galleries, my old friend was a collector of paintings!

That's a wonderful exposure and education sir kaminchan!

Thanks! I guess I was lucky and it’s about synchronicity!

Maybe the very last one, if I had an extra billion dollars. Not what I would call great works though, my daughter can do better with a water color marker HA!


Maybe I should sell hers? Then I could buy that one of the leg up there :P

lol..Yes, maybe your daughter is a great artist just waiting to be discovered!

She does like it well enough, asked for some new supplies for christmas :)

Oh, that's a good sign, it could turn into something amazing.

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THIRTY MILLION DOLLARS?! I have many artist friends. they do absolutely amazing work, better than this stuff, and sell a piece for maybe $3000. Maybe art needs to be from a nobody to have value. That said, I really love these paintings. They are gorgeous. I imagine the family must have kept a choice few, no?

That's a great question owasco and it's good to hear from you! The two articles I read about this situation didn't mention anything about the family of the artist so they may have got nothing but you'd think they'd like a few to keep for themselves.

So you can tell that these paintings are really great? I must have no eye for art.

It just goes to show there is no accounting for taste where art is concerned. Are you convinced now that you are better off scouring the flea market for junks, and/or buying old houses that are full of arts and antiques than spending time here on Steem? 😃

Howdy today sir Vincent! That's a great idea. I'd love to spend my time scouring flea markets and garage sales, wow..that could be a new career path sir Vincent, thank you! I'll check in about once a month on steemit. lol.

Buyer was really lucky. But to know value of anythings also need eyes of thought and knowledge.
Thanks for sharing great artist work here 🤗

Howdy sir yousafharoonkhan! I agree completely, well said!

Hi janton, I love your happy stories, thank you.

Howdy angiemitchell! Thanks, I love these kind of stories too where people get rich totally by accident. lol.

I make it a point never to buy art that someone has to tell me what it is...or something I could paint myself!


That's a good rule if you are an art expert but most people don't know until later and then find out it's done by a famous artist. You have some strange rules, who makes those dorky rules anyway?

I do, because I am not sheeple yet, LOL! I have seen good art, My Wife, Daughter, and Sister are very good artists. Some of the crap they call Art, is stunningly bad. But I know what I like, and what I do Not like. So why should I suffer over a picture That offends me, just because some stuffed shirt tells me it is "good"?


I don't know why you would do that but Okies are always doing things that makes me scratch my head!

Well, as long as you are confused, I am doing well, LOL!

I had a class on Art Appreciation, and I found that there are branches of art, that I don't like too much; while some art is stunning!


So you had one class and now you're an expert.

Nope, just more expert than a Texan, LOL!

Some of the reading I do covers art. AND I raised an artist, after marrying one....

I got a copy of "Starry Night" for My daughter for Christmas. She loves it, but I don't care for it myself. I got her an emerald ring so she'd have a real present too!


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Howdy Janton! Although I do not like any of of these paintings, the story is fascinating, lol. I bet the value is brought up mainly by the fact that he is dead, of course, but mainly because he wanted them to be destroyed. Looks like what happened is totally the opposite of what he wanted, lol. Well I shouldn't laugh, because this is the sad art about being an artist. Rich people don't care about art for art, they just wan't something that only they can have. And they are willing to pay millions for it.

Howdy Miss Lena! Yes, the fact that the art experts love the quality and the fact that the supply is obviously limited greatly enhances the value and desirability of the paintings, it's a crazy world!

ANd the moral of the story is: Do great art and fake your own death, so you can actually make money off of it! Of course, you have to find someone trustworthy to leave the art to in your will. Maybe you could leave it to your new identity, somehow.

lol..that's brilliant sir fotosdenada! It sure does increase the value when the artist is dead, limited supply.

Great paintings. Pity that it went to the thrift shops ☺️ you never know when you can strike gold😊

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I agree, mene isn't the only way to strike gold. lol.

One never know when one person’s junk is another one’s treasure. 😊

Exactly. That guy was lucky that the family didn't throw all of those away!