Voices from Hive at the Web 3 Conference

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We would to congratulate @brianoflondon and @crimsonclad for representing the diverse Hive ecosystem at the upcoming Web 3 Conference!

The Web 3 Conference takes place starting tomorrow January 26 and 27. It is hosted by our fellow blockchain innovation proponents at Tech Circus.

We are thrilled to have such excellent speakers from Hive. They are in great company among presenters from such companies and organizations such as NASA, Microsoft, Ocean Protocol, Coindesk and Elastos, just to name a few. We are eagerly looking forward to the insightful presentations and discussions!

More information can be found at https://www.web3conference.io



Keep us updated on the impression and possible collaboration with other technology leaders with our blockchain. Keep it up. The community stands strong with the both of you.

Looking forward to see what sort of feedback the two receive from the conference attendees.

This sounds like a real marketing opportunity. I will follow both fellow Hive members. They look competent and confident enough to represent the community. Good luck.

Congrats to both of them! Cheers!

Wow, this is great, looking forward to the feedback, you two are doing great.

👏🏻💪🏻 Go get them @brianoflondon!! All the best and please share if they have a stream or video to watch afterwards.
Greetings from Germany

Good to know that we will be represented well in the upcoming conference. Hive rocks!

Two great representatives. Congrats!

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Super pumped to be attending! This is going to be a very informative couple of days!

Looking forward to listening to it, great representers!