Wednesday Walk....Downtown🌻

Pictures frem my Wednesday Walk..😁..

Hello my fellow HIVEsters, I hope that you are all doing allright in the #crypto #blogging universe...

Today I was out for yet another walk, this time, I chose to take a walk downtown, and of course trying to capture some pictures from city... Sadly, the weather is not as good as yesterday, yesterday was warm and sunny, today the clouds are blocking the sun, but the temperature is still okay...a little under 20 degrees celsius...

Picture captured with my phone camera..

The pictures are all taken in a little green area, an oasis, in the town center. On the first picture you see some statues of monks, the monks go way back in history in this town. In the background you are able to see a small tower, where you can go up and have a nice view over the city...

Picture captured with my phone camera..

On this picture you see the monks again, this time from up in the tower, and in the background you see a part of the city..

Stayed up there for a couple of minutes, had to catch my breath..😁 I'm sure that I should probably walk more often...

Picture captured with my phone camera..

On the last picture, you see the view over the city, or at least a part of it...Hope that you enjoy the view as much as I do...

Well, time to go back down, and start the walk home...🌻

Well, that was what i wanted to share with you today... Hope that you enjoyed...

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Looks like a great place to go for walks.
!gif peaceful

It really the middle of the city, but still very peaceful😀

Nice pictures my friend!

Thank you very much😀

Hello. I would like to go there one day. It looks very nice☺️

Thank you very much😀

Cool pictures mate

The one with the statues of the monks is lovely

Thank you very much😀

Yay! 🤗
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