Wednesday Walk: Mountains of Andorra

Hello dear Steemians and photography enthusiasts,


The mountains of Andorra

Today I want to share with you my wednesday walk that I did in the beautiful mountains of Andorra. The country is located in one of the higher parts of the pyrenees and is pretty small. I believe you can only access the country by 3 streets from France or Spain. That is because the landscape solely consists out of steep mountains. The contry is mostly known for its almost non exsistent taxes, which makes it a very popular shopping destination. The bigger towns are crammed with shopping centers and crowded with pedestrians. But if you leave the towns for the remote part of the land you can discover awesome mountains and beautiful nature.

We choosed to drive up a dead end street which lead to a big ski region. At the top we found a nice parking place to stay for a couple of days. We arrived early enough to go for a short walk and check out all the different hiking paths that were starting from here.


On our way up the slope, I turned around to take a shot of our parking place and the ski station.

We decided to head up a slope in the north, which lead us to a plateau with a mountain lake.
We walked over small trodden paths in green grassland and from somewhere up a hill we heard cow bells ringing. By the wayside I discovered all kinds of small blooming flowers.


On our travel I saw these flowers several times already but I still always stop to take a closer look when I see one.


After a while we got a first nice view of the lake.

After a while of walking along the lakeside, we found a huge rock lying directly at the shore. We climbed ontop of it to have a nice view over the lake and its blue water.


The color of the lake was just fascinating.


Taking a break in the shadow of the mountain.

We walked the path further until we reached some nice rocks in the shadow to sit on. Here we made a little break to eat something and take some more photos. After the break we wanted to follow the way around the lake, but we saw that on the other side a landslide destroyed a big part of it. So we turned around and took one of the many other ways back over the plateau.


Close to the path, I found this shadow of a fern on a stone which I found looked quite interesting.

As it got later more and more people were hiking up from the ski station. It got almost a bit too crowdy for my taste so I focused more on photographing plants and small details instead of the landscape.


Some hikers reflections in one of the many mountain streams.


Closeup of a very interesting yellow flower I have never seen before.


Another new one in my collection of flower photos.

Shortly before we headed downwards again, we were able to take a glimps onto another mountain lake a little more down in the dircetion of the road and as we arrived back at the parking, we were greeted by little calves walking over the street in a peace of mind.


The view down onto second lake was gorgeous...


... and the calves were cute.

Hope you enjoyed my entry for the wednesday walk,
if you did please let me know in the comments :)

Have a good week and see you next wednesday!

Equipment used: | Canon EOS 50D | Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM | Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 EX DC HSM |


I've never been to Andorra but I've already heard so much about it. Not as much about nature as about shopping though :D However I prefer nature so you got me with your post!

Lovely photos of beautiful landscape. Those lakes look so peaceful. Did you go for a swim? Or is water too cold?

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!

Yes, I feel the country has indeed two faces. The citys are so crowded and stressful.
Everybody wants to get the best deal, it's almost like you could feel the greedy consumersim of the people and also get infected by it yourself...
Maybe I have a bit of an exaggerated view onto this because I've stayed in nature for most of the last half year and never been fond of big crowds of people.
In the mountains I felt much more free, independent and at peace.

Did you go for a swim?

Unfortunately the water was really cold and we didn't had a towel with us.

Thanks for your nice comment and sharing your thoughts, I'm happy that you liked the post and photos! :)
Have a nice day aswell!

Such beautiful scenery there must have been such a refreshing hike especially at the start while not so many people where there

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Yeah it really was!
Although the hikes we did the following days were even more spectacular.
But I thought they did not count as a "walk" because they were rather long (up to 7 hours :D).

Maybe I will post some of the photos aswell, although I only had a compact camera with me...

For the Wednesday walk there are no rules, you can post anything you like :)

Looking forward to seeing posts on the other walks ;)

Oh OK, I thought it was supposed to be in the range of about 10-30min or something.
(which I already exceeded with this on :D)
Good to know, I will keep that in mind for the next posts!

I think I may say get out for 5 minutes or more, but I don't enforce anything at all, if I was to have a rule it would be Have fun :)

Very good rule! :D

I think so :) Have a great day

Lovely article. Thank you

Thank you, happy that you liked it!

That is all so beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I love mountains of any sort.

Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comment!
Happy that you enjoyed the post and the photos :)

Hi constantshots,

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Wow, thanks a lot for your support!
I'm always very happy about your appreciation!

I imagine it must have been a lot of fun that journey, the nature that surrounds them is literally beautiful, how full gratitude to travel through those sides ♡

Yes it was really a lot of fun,
Thanks for your nice comment!

Breathtaking photos! I love the fern shadows on the rock. Lucky you to have been there!

Thank you, glad you like the photos!
Ferns are one of my favorite plants.
Just love the pattern of the leaves :)

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