Gorilla Glue Awesome For Medical Problems

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Really Nice Nug

My Review of Gorilla Glue

Living in Southern California Gorilla Glue is a pretty common strain. It is completely awesome as well, and I for one am so very grateful it is as popular with the growers as it is. From the above image, you can see the crystals on the bud looking like sugar frosting.

Gorilla Glue is an Indica Sativa hybrid. 60% Indica and 40% Sativa blend, you get a nice stoney high without the sluggish sleepy effects of more Indica dominate strains. This is one of my favorite strains because it agrees with my brain chemistry the most, it also helps me with my cancer symptoms as well.

This batch was grown indoors with Black Dog LED Phytomax-2 1000 Full Spectrum LED Lights potted with Porous easy-to-lift handles potted. The grower must have taken special care with this batch of buds.

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The Effects of This Strain Are Amazing

Being Bipolar, with PTSD, and Cancer has made living very challenging. Gorilla Glue is a miracle as it eases my crippling anxiety so I can get through my day. It also eases my migraines, achy joints, and sore muscles aches.

I often vomit for no real reason and Gorilla Glue beats the crap out of nausea making it possible for me to function rather than moping around like I have the flu. This strain also has an amazing mood elevation, regardless of how depressed I am some time with Gorilla Glue lifts my mood and relieves me of the depression.

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In Conclusion

If you have some serious medical conditions like me please consult with your doctor before following my example. Without strains like Gorilla Glue I would not be able to function normally daily. The funny thing was smoking weed was my last resort, on a suggestion by a friend of mine, that I never knew was a regular weed smoker, Changed my life forever.

I am forever grateful for the growers, and those that help spread their caring love.



Nice it is a great strain glad it helps with your medical condition

Thank you so very much.

tried it
great strain

That is awesome. I do want to write a more comprehensive review on the strain as it is so beneficial to my daily operation.

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