Bill Expected To Be Introduced Soon to Lift Federal Cannabis Prohibition

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The U.S. still federally prohibits cannabis and there are a variety of negative consequences that come with that for cannabis businesses around the country, even in areas where it has been legalized.

Multiple efforts have been made to try and change that but still things aren't reformed on that level yet. However, senate dems are looking at working on a bill and introducing it possibly this spring that could change that.

They've signaled that they might seek cannabis reform on a larger scale and lift federal prohibition for marijuana. This would change things greatly for cannabis businesses around the country as well as for people in areas that are still criminalizing this plant.

In 2020 it's estimated that there was a cannabis arrest every 90 seconds

Over 1.1 million people were arrested for marijuana related crimes. In the year prior it was a cannabis arrest roughly every 58 seconds and so there was a bit of a decline but it still signals that many people are being victimized under the war on drugs despite great progress on the legalization of marijuana today.


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