Normalizing Cannabis: Hometown Hemp Helping Local Farmers And Others

There are a number of farmers who have been growing hemp for years now in Kentucky, since back around 2014 all as a response to the Farm Bill which sought to generate and also try to protect research into hemp.

A family-owned company from Kentucky known as Hometown Hemp has been working hard to help those local farmers find buyers for their products in the region.

They offer CBD products that are made with 100 percent Kentucky grown hemp.

They say that at their place of business they see many people who suffer from pain, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms. They hear firsthand how much of a difference they are making, how many lives they are helping with their products.

When people think of hemp they often associate it with cannabis, not understanding the difference in that it can be grown in such a way that there is so little THC it offers practically no traditional "high effect".

With Hometown Hemp, they say that they've seen people admit to coming off of one medication or another because they've ventured to try CBD for themselves for some sort of remedy.

Other surveys have found that many patients would prefer to use cannabis treatments to opioid medication or other alternatives offered.

As many as 90 percent or more would prefer the choose cannabis as their natural treatment option but there are millions who aren't given that freedom, veterans, seniors, disabled, many who need it and aren't able to obtain it without threat of violence for their actions in doing so.

Helping With Hemp Seed Oil Sanitizer

To help spread the word about CBD in their community and to try and normalize this product, which helps to ultimately normalize cannabis in general at the end of the day, Hometown Hemp would put a donated bottle aside to give out to others.

Whenever someone made a purchase it also meant that another was going to a nurse at a hospital or nursing home who might have wanted or needed it. They even donated some to the police.

"We’re going through corona and that has upped people’s anxiety, so CBD has kind of been a saving grace for everybody right now,” - One owner of Hometown Hemp, T. Fischer.

From giving out cannabis leaves as a grocery item to be incorporated into salads, to donating hemp seed oil sanitizer, giving away hemp lotion, or free cannabis to vets during covid-19 lockdown etc, many people are doing things in little ways to help normalize what never should have been criminalized in the first place.