Study Finds Cannabis Might Contain Heavy Metals

Researchers are warning about the dangers of cannabis containing heavy metals after a recent study investigated the potential for marijuana to soak up toxic metals.

According to scientists there is concern about cannabis being able to easily soak up toxic metals and that poses a risk to consumers who buy the products.

Not only is there a concern for heavy metals but over the years there have been different concerns for mold, and other issues, some even alleged to be laced with fentanyl on the black market. There is a serious need for patients and all cannabis consumers to be able to access quality cannabis that they can trust.

Investigating the quality of cannabis

There are a variety of third party testing services in the market today in the US and elsewhere that are available to cannabis consumers. Some individuals take to growing there own as well, those who have the privilege, to be in full control about what goes into their cannabis crop and the products they consume.

Testing services for cannabis products

People can send in samples of their cannabis products and get testing too, this is one way to look into what those products might contain that the user is unaware of. They can do this several times over and use this as a way to try and find a trusted source.

Researchers warn that cannabis consumers could unknowingly be exposed to toxic heavy metals and this could pose a wide range of potential problems for them if they have a contaminated source.

There are various resources online to help people navigate this issue of identifying and trying to avoid buying low quality cannabis products.



Yeah I just saw that, but this is something that has been know. This is why living soil seems to be what everyone should most likely do. But I would like to hear more solutions from others.

Quality control is very important.

Living soil for the win!

Living soil refers to an organic growing method based around keeping the soil food web intact by replacing tilling with mulching.