The Issue With Relying On Strain Alone

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When you go into the cannabis shop today you see a wide variety of choices for flower that's for sale. You've got indica, hybrid, and sativa. Within those categories you might get several strain name options. You aren't able to open up the jar and smell it naturally so going by the look and name is what many might rely on to make their decision.

In most cases you aren't going to get extended information for things like terpenes that might be present for example. However, there are some cannabis shops that have started to offer more of that sort of information to consumers.

That terpene information can make a big difference.

Researchers have identified three main classes of terpene combinations that they say are commonly found in certain cannabis strains:

  • caryophyllene and limonene
  • terpinolene and myrcene
  • myrcene and pinene

However, they have found that when testing cannabis samples that those combinations don't connect that well with the current cannabis labeling scheme that companies use to sell the products.

You might find similar terpene combinations in both indica or sativa cannabis samples and when both are marketed differently you might be surprised to discover this is the case. Indica is often being marketed as something that relaxes, instead of sativa which is seen as the opposite in that it is marketed as something that energizes.

This doesn't mean that all growers and producers etc have failed to try and maintain some consistency when it comes to the strain. But there is always that chance that when you are buying a certain strain, such as Wedding Cake for example, that it might not be the exact same product that you had the last time you came across Wedding Cake.

Maybe this is just one more reason that people should take control of their own growing so that they can be sure they are getting what they are looking for.

Some tools that have been used in this space for consumers to keep track of what might be working for them have been simple cannabis review forms, where the consumer details each cannabis sample and the effects. Going off of that they can keep track of what products they might like or not like. They can use that information to determine which strain was working for them and what sort of effects they might have experienced from it.

In some cases it also might not matter, what exact terpene combination is present, so long as the customer is getting value out of the product at the end of the day.

The information that is posted above is not intended or implied to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.


Man it's hard to find a pure strain anymore, like one of the classics. It's always some kind of weird hybrid and I never can tell what I am getting. Now I can get GG#4 pretty solid and then some diesel strains that are even pretty legit, but yeah, I have been disappointed with some of the cookie blends lately, they have been very inconsistent. I just want my straight up Girl Scout Cookies, lol.


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Thanks for sharing.

I often wondered how that all worked with the names too. We've got names like Wedding Cake, Gorilla Glue, Grape Ape. Would be cool to invent POS or Proof Of Strain! Anyone can just slap a label on a jar. I suppose strains would change (as far as quality) based on growing region, soil used, and skill of the grower as well. It's an interesting dilemna.

Now a days there really isn’t any true sativa or indica, due to hybridization. And in regards to the same strain being different it is due to phenotype expression within that strain. No plants are that much alike, unless it is grown from clone. Then you also have the same strain in different hands. Which is exciting!

I don’t want my cannabis to be like Starbucks, I so rather it be like fine wine ;)

my main goal has always been to seek remedy from pain and so as long as i can get that value from it i am happy, my tolerance is also extremely high so i dont find much difference in experience going from strain to strain lol ✌️

I can smoke the same steak. For maybe a week before I need to switch it up. But my tolerance is a bit low these days.