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My Gorilla Glue is really coming along nicely with some great bud development of late, starting to frost up as well :)
unnamed (1).jpg
Being the sole plant in the tent seems to be agreeing with this Autoflower
I have grown this strain before and was very happy with the high, it also squeezed very nicely in the rosin ress
Another 2 weeks of nutrients, then a 14 day water only period and we should be good to go for just after Xmas, cant believe today is 1 December!

Its sunday afternoon here and i am thinking its time for a beer and a cone

Have a great Sunday

All pictures were taken on my iPhone seven

I am @dr-autoflower


Great looking plants there :)

I bet they smell amazing! I am just imagining how stinky my apartment would be if I were growing those in here.

thanks, i am happy with progress to date, just getting more stacked up behind this one so i am harvesting every few weeks over summer :0

This looks like fire! What's the process of getting a small amount to an undisclosed location.. ? lol

one day on this blockchain we will be able to send blocks of stuff physically....thanks, yeah i was just looking at the buds before, they firm and stinky...come over