Keepers & not leaving empty handed

in #weedcash3 years ago

Decided i need to keep the last 2 of 4 free clones i got a couple of weeks back, had already re-homed 2 and was saving the last 2 for another mate who lives 250K away who is coming down tomorrow or the next day :)
They are probably not going to amount for much due to overall size of the plant but hey they were free :) - they could surprise
The main reason is they stink and having them in a vehicle is just asking for trouble, here today it is sunny and warm so the sharks can stay outside and soak up some sunshine,
They seem happy enough and i am feeding and watering them, just way too stinkshop to travel with
My mate will be bringing some Bubble gum he has pulled in the past week or so, he will be picking up a couple of newly birthed autoflowers, these 2
The other 2 on the left are for someone else & the stone is there to keep them from being blown away!
Anyway must be time for a Bourbon and buy some Weedcash....My current ranking of #8 will be changing shortly

All pictures are taken with my iPhone7

I am @dr-autoflower