Who ever it was thanks _____27K

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Been looking at the sell orders seeing that huge chunk of Weedcash that is slowly going down, last week when i brought 2000 there were orders before it which meant i could not help bring the total down.
Screenshot (282).png
History was looking to repeat itself when i checked a couple of hours ago then i saw someone had moped up all of the orders leaving the Mc Massive order sitting there..

I purchased another 1992 Weedcash which after staking gives me over 27,000..not bad
Screenshot (283).png

Banjo do your thing
Screenshot (284).png

and i can just see my next victim....

Lets savage that 13,000 Weedcash

I am @dr-autoflower


Down votes are almost coming your way, ;) lol

Hi #3
haha yeah probably deserve a few


I'm way down the list compared to the top 25...I haven't accumulated any more significant amount of weedcash in a couple of months. I've really been slacking on that...
Of course, it doesn't help that I haven't made a weedcash post in a couple of months either...

there is a strain review competition on @ the moment - do a review on something you have smoked or grown....which reminds me i need to do a review post :)

I'll have to smoke a bit of what I've had drying for a while, maybe I can do a review of that. :-)

I'm in the process of transferring all of my weedcash from my canna-amber account back to this account so I can use it, since I upvote a fair amount of cannabis related posts with this account. I haven't used my other account in a couple months.