How many do you smoke a day ?

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To all the cannabis smokers out there and all smokers in general how many joints do you smoke a day how many cigarette's do you smoke a day and also what is the most amount of money you have ever spent on cannabis and was it worth was it a good investment lol


I smoke cigarettes, around ten cigars a day, it is a very expensive and harmful vice for me, but in spite of that I keep smoking, total madness

That's a lot of cigars a day

if many

they are tobacco cigars

Great questions to spark cool discussion.

I only smoke from glass here lately. So zero joints. Used to be one or two a day. Way back, it was 3-5 blunts a day. Those times are long gone.

Never smoked a cigarette. I once smoked 6 wood-tip black and milds in one night during college. I nearly couldn’t talk the next day.

Once in college I spent $350 on the worst ounce I’ve ever had. Luckily, it was paired with DMT. So I didn’t get totally fucked over. Quite the opposite. I leveled up x100.

How many grams do you smoke a day from the glass ?
3-5 blunts a day you must of been super high I'm not a cigarette smoker myself just use a bit for a joint.
Dam 1 once you must of been completely f*cked

Dam again 350 on a once leveled up x100 😂 thank you so much for replying I really appreciate I will definitely do more like this

Maybe 1/2 gram. Then add in any vaping I do too. That’s not a daily thing though.

I was young and dumb with lots of friends. We would all get together and each offer up an entire blunt bc that’s how we thought it was supposed to be.

That worst ounce ever turned out into the best day ever.

The black and milds at least taste good, I can’t see cigs being the same.

Yea definitely keep posting! #weedcash is great!

That's a good amount 1/2 gram vaping that's all good too .
And not over doing it is definitely a good thing much more enjoyable.

I can definitely relate to that smoking daily with friends getting High just for the fun of it I wasted so much time.

Sounds good you enjoyed that smoke what a turnaround bad to good lol .

Thanks a lot for replying again hopefully I will see you back on my next post

I’m on both #weedcash and #sportstalk quite often. I’m sure I’ll see more of your posts soon. Keep it up!