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It's Sunday and I've had a really relaxed day. I've been pretty lazy. Had a nice meal and watched a movie on netflix. The joker. And now I'm not really a badman fan but I have to say I liked the joker. I'm not going to give spoilers but worth it if you haven't seen it yet.
Now let's go to the weed. tropical is a nice weed. She's still a little damp. But in terms of taste nice and soft and in terms of effect you get an active buzz.
For tonight a bit of gaming and watch some hive
just focus on the weed. I digress sometimes. She has a fresh scent
A little closer. And a slightly sharper photo
And if it has been through the grinder.
Yes, it looks good and I can tell you it tastes delicious too. I'm going to have another chocolate milk and turn on the heating. Winter is coming. And you can already feel the cold outside. But I make it cozy with lights and a kind of Christmas tree. But in the Netherlands we have Sinterklaas first.
I wish everyone a nice week that hive may rise steadily. And that everyone is doing well with the month of December. And that the government doesn't get in our way too much
With kindest regards



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Did they take away the fireworks there? Never take away Loonatic's fireworks....
I like concentrates. But a good weed grown without chemicals is nice for special occasions : )

yes they took away our fireworks for 2nd year. Riots broke out in Rotterdam yesterday. the citizens are getting tired of it. Police fired at civilians and someone lost their finger. Completely mad. Luckily where I live there was nothing to notice. And luckily my brother who lives in Rotterdam had not noticed much either.

Yes I think the state is pushing the people as hard as possible... they want a fight. And they will probably get it, and then justify a larger crackdown and less freedom.... arg. :/
But got to keep spirits up, stay lifted, support each other.

dope gaming controllllerrrrr

I see you had a very relaxed Sunday. I'm glad to hear that! The buds look really good!

When they are very fresh they find it difficult to chop in the grinder, because here in the south in those cases we use scissors and it is easier for us to chop.

Hopefully December will come very well, but above all... that the governments do not screw around! ha ha ha

Good smoke and good week!!

Thank you 🤗😆