When I open my tent, the aromas come

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Goodday friends and acquaintances
Today is Formula 1 in Zandfort. Not that I'm there, but I thought it would be nice to mention. But it will be on TV.
So for now watering my plants just a check if everything is going okay.


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These plants are grown without additional nutrition. Only slightly lowered the pH of my tap water. I had biological soil that probably had some nutrition in it. Maybe I should look more into it. But I'm afraid you with nutrition, can also lose flavor if you give too much.
Genetics and energy is where I get my ultimate taste from.
everyone have a nice weekend. And until the next blog

image (2).png



Nice plants.
Ship me some.

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cant do so. I need to smoke it all my self 😄💪

awesome post
wishing you a great weekend ahead

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you 2 bro nice weekend May the canna do good

Awesome. Beautiful plants. Keep up the good work


I bet they smell great! Dank and inviting :D
But you're still going to have to wait..... patience is a virtue when it comes to delicious cannabis!

yes, patience is a must and often a mistake of beginners. I've been there too.🤣😄✌

You're doing great. I admire your dedication to growing without added nutrients! That produces a special kind of bud that can't be obtained any other way.

I can feel the aromas!! Keep always planting ;)
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I will never give this up 🤣✌

Wow man they are looking fire

I'm afraid there's a little too much white in it. light bleaching. too close to my lamp. maybe I should do your half strength for a few days. for the rest its looking nice 😁💪

the frost on this is just 😲

Love the frost. Are you growing with nutrients or organice soil? I dont remember?

organic soil


Those are looking stellar bro! Formula 1 also comes to my area at Luguna Seca. I used to go when I was a kid. So cool seeing them pass by on the straight stretch

I was wrong, the race is tomorrow. today was the qualifying rounds. It has not been in the Netherlands for 36 years. And it is a party with 70,000 people. Most festivals were canceled due to the covid. But because a Dutch prince (a bit of an asshole) was pulling the strings in politics. may this continue.
But tomorrow will be a nice race

They're looking like some absolute gems man. Congrats on the grows! Happy saturday!

U too my friend

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