My Carnival 2023

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This time I will not be able to show you beach, sun, landscapes and mountains, I will leave them for the next weekend that we are praying that everything is ok and we can go in the so called octavita of Carnival.
What we had in mind was totally different from what actually happened during this long week of carnival vacations in Venezuela.

A great advantage of being a teacher is that I have vacations just like the girl and fortunately my husband and I always have a beach plan in mind because that is something that doesn't need to be talked about.
We had planned to go to the beach on Sunday and hang out with our compadres and enjoy a different atmosphere.
But no, it was really a different story.

On Saturday night a little scary story began, my daughter was bitten by a dog on her little hand and from that moment on plans began to change. It wasn't much, but it was still blood and pain for several days.
We decided not to go anywhere because of the wounds and the pain in her hand.
But on Sunday we decided to go out to the park near the house to sunbathe and distract us a little from being locked up, we walked around the square, we saw some children in costumes and it's amazing but there were many adults also dressed as super heroes, clowns, dancers, etc ....

We enjoyed some free face painting and my daughter was happy with life in what she likes, she was quite animated, she did not hesitate to jump on the trampoline, to do all her ballet poses and to have fun after several days without going out.

It was very breezy and we began to notice her eyes were dull and she just wanted to sit quietly, so much so that she enjoyed a complete play, with clowns and furniture alluding to carnivals.
She watched attentively and I watched her from behind, I could never lose sight of her because there were quite a few people.

The clowns started to call the children's representatives to be part of the play and make jokes but I really ran and hid behind other parents hahahaha.

My daughter at the end when she saw so many people told me that she wanted to eat a donut and wanted to leave because she felt cold.
We bought her the donut, put her sweater on and left.

We had a good time in that little family distraction.
The story is not over yet, we woke up on Monday at the doctor's office with a high fever, snot, cough, and an undiagnosed otitis.
They sent us a cocktail and not just piña colada with rum.
A cocktail of remedies for her for 15 days so that the wounds would heal faster, so that the flu and the otitis would disappear, and we had two days of treatment and fever.

What we had put together to go to a day at the beach turned out to be used for this whole emergency.
40$ for pediatrician
40$ in medicines
And I have to say it because otherwise my idea would not make sense, she has health insurance and nothing that we pay with effort and concern is covered by insurance, what she had was not considered an emergency, there were no appointments by the insurance because they were days off (vacation).

It is true that it is better to HAVE IT and NOT NEED IT than to need it and not have it. But they should change their policies, which are certainly not the best.

Today Wednesday we are exhausted, not sleeping well, without a penny $, but we should be thankful she is getting better.....
I have FAITH that better days are coming and we will be able to enjoy it much better than these carnivals 2023.

PS: it is getting colder than ever in this part of Venezuela. Instead of going to the beach, it is provoking to go to Merida and enjoy the fog and its cold but beautiful mountains.


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