Welcome to #whalepower Tag Announcement | 1 st March | Test Completed [ Eng | Bahasa ]

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We have completed Our's Experiments and Tests.
After eight months of hardwork and support by the community , we like to thank you all for support the #whalepower project. Our services are unique as we are providing Manual Curation.


Kami telah menyelesaikan Eksperimen dan Pengujian Kami.
Setelah delapan bulan kerja keras dan dukungan dari masyarakat, kami mengucapkan terima kasih atas dukungan untuk proyek #whalepower. Layanan kami unik karena kami menyediakan Kurasi Manual.

Written by @bullionstackers

#whalepower A Project for Better Community

All #whalepower Contents / Images are Copy-Rights
If you want to use any part of this, please ask for permission first.

#whalepower Help-Desk Discordapp @bullionstackers


Thanks for all the hard work in this project. Do keep this going, i am sure the community will appreciate your effects and hard work.
Way to go!!!

Thanks, and it turns out we really need @whalepower to make progress on the Steemit platform.
I have transfered 1,250 SBD to @the-reef account for activation 1 week Registered Subscription, but have not received any reply or confirmation.
Sorry and thanks again se

Terima kasih kembali @whalepower atas bantuan tim #whalepower yang telah membatu kami selama ini.
Tanpa kalian kami merasa sepi di post kami😊

Meuteugen.. Hanjeut le tajeh lage set

Why do you Downvoted mutiahanum?
I don’t like it. I can refund your membership, if you want!

I'm sorry, I did not accidentally pressed it, I have tried repeatedly, but could not, probably because it was 7 days, I confirmed with mutiahanum through comments, I also contacted him through WA, he happened to be an area with me. I apologize as much as possible

thank you @whalepower hopefully your hard work will during this time to fruition.

Thanks @whalepower for your support, will this service continue to run, this month?
I'm sad if you're not there ...

Experiments and Tests completed.
We will be running this monthly.
Previous post was issued two weeks ago.

Good job!!
Do let me know what kind of support we can contribute to make #whalepower bigger, better and stronger.

All VP are wholly owned by the Curators / Moderators of #whalepower , we have not leased any SP from any delegation parties.
The only thing we ask if the community will Subscribe and Register Monthly #whalepower Tag for 5 SBD per month , that will cover the cost of Labour from the Curators of Whalepower ; helping them to grow as well.

  • Limit of 3 x Posts for every 24 hours per user.

I am sure the community understand the hard work and time involved and will cover the labour cost involved. Thanks for your work.

Got it. Subscription sent :)

I rally appreciate for ur upvote and team. I love using #whalepower as my tag.
Wish u all the best..

hi esteem friend, i like to post beautiful magazine, i feel pleasure to be friends with you, you have skill.# whalepower thak you.

We are NOT esteem
#whalepower is Our Tag

come back, I am happy with you I will always wear your tag because I want to work with you.

Hy @whalepower
Can you give me permission to use #whalepower tags?

thank you so much team #whalepower always faithfully present both before we register and after we register, thank you always present in every post us, the voice you give really mean for us steemians small and lay

thanks @whalepower we urgently need the support of @whalepower, i strongly support the project from @whalepower .

Hi! I want to register please. I can I go about it? Thanks

Hi @whalepower. Please I want to register. I can I go about it?

a good project keep proceeding

Keep up the good curating.

How can I join the #whalepower I want to join as well

Next is on 19th March , Subscription 5 SBD for April
or 1.25 SBD per week

send to @whalepower Account

Sekarang masih bisa daftar untuk bulan maret ini #whalepower...?

Sudah penuh ! Bulan ini

Untuk pendaftaran mingguannya tidak bisa juga @bullionstackers...?

Terimakasih @whalepower semakin sukses and tetap berjaya 😊

Terima Kasih

can still list ??

Next is on 19th March , Subscription 5 SBD for April
or 1.25 SBD per week

Saya salah seorang yang mendapat dukungan dari #whalepower. Terimakasih banyak untuk dukungan hebatnya. Thanks @bullionstackers dan team whalepower. Saleum

Thank you @whale power

Terima kasih @whalepower.
Satu untuk semua, semua untuk satu.

I have sent 5 sbd to @the-reef .hopefully can quickly vote.thanks

Will try Our Best. This month very busy.

happy with your efforts.

Ini sangat bermanfaat, terimakasih

Thank you for your support.

Manual Curation is the best. Thank you for all of your time, hard work and continued support! : )

Yea, We giving Better Rewards now , Three x Newer Pack Batteries

I see that and I am loving the trifecta. Thanks so much! : )

very nice @whalepower,,

but there is one thing I would like to ask if all users will get upvote from the whalepower team without sending a little bit of sbd with a certain memo for you I did it by sending 5 sbd with memo: whalepowerMarch Monthly Subscription.

and I see many users do not do it, would it be considered a spam tag?

thank you !!

They will get lesser attention from the Curators, you pay we committed. It helps the Curators to grow so we can give more.

oh,, thanks for your response, I'm glad to be here @bullionstackers

Thanks for @whalepower and all of the family of #whalepower :)

ok, Thanks

I really like your work

How can I register? Thanks!

Next is on 19th March , Subscription 5 SBD for April
or 1.25 SBD per week

I also want to get SBD

hi friends i've been waiting for your post karna I like posting a level again I also do not forget to say good luck for you, marked @ ramb


Salam @hwalepower thank.

Very funny read your post @the-reef in Melayu, not Indonesian. Are you use Machine translator? xD

Why you not write in english?

oh , good you can understand English that's good.
We refund to you as we do not do utopian , zappl , dtube , dsound posts. It takes too much of our time.
As Manual Curators , we try to curate as many posts as possible. We are sorry we cannot catering your posts.

Its oke brotha :)

I like your post salam for steem friend, I'm sure you must be the one who will succeed

@the-reef is another Curator / Moderator account. Does not need to be success

tolong proses langganan perminggu saya @whalepower

thank you @whalepower , your hard work that works so well, the project you do really gets a lot of community support, me and my community (stealth Firefighter Community) is very supportive of your project, once again thanks me say...

please help, whalepower weekly subscription.


Please, Whalepower weekly subscription

thanks for your hard work.
people will appreciate your hard work.
greetings from me🙏🙏
Let's go.

Whalepower please weekly.

Bulan depan.
Sudah penuh

Bagaimana cara kerja #whalepower?
Dan apa yang kita dapatkan setelah daftar?

How can I join the #whalepower I want to join as well

Thank you for all this work. Do this, I am sure the community will succeed and appreciate the effect with your hard work.
good luck always accompany you

Sukses terus buat @whalepower dan bisa yang terbaik di dunia steemit,

Congrats @whalwpower. Wanna be like you someday...clever and dedicated to communal steemit