Whalepower Express HF20 - January 2019 Subscription SOLD OUT

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We Wishes Everyone A Happy New Year 2019.
Thanks for your support as always.
Our WHALEPOWER Ticketing Subscription BOX OFFICE for January 2019 have Closed.
The DolphinPower Ticketing Subscription BOX OFFICE still open , Reserve to some Patrons users only, for those that have miss out.
Many Thanks as Always.
ps - Subscription validity 60 days. We giving everyone plenty of time to do Better Posting.

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Selamat datang di Tahun 2019. Semoga di tahun ini Tim Whalepower tambah sukses dan terus jaya. Salam #steemit

Happy new year @whalepower success for you and everyone in 2019.

nice to meet you in blockchain steem