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Thing to know when using #whalepower Tag
  • 3 x Posts Limit in Any 24 Hours.
  • 5 x Tags Recomended , more than that it won't show up. Even though the system allow up to 12 .
  • Some combination of Tags , that Simply Votes without checking. ( i.e dlike .... ) , Posting with Little Content Text Composition. " Not Allow "
  • No Copied n Paste
  • HF20 Please Read Our Update
  • We Encourage All Writers / Authors to keep coming up with Newer Ideas.
  • Rule of Engagement. Your Engagement Votes or Comment on Our Blogs.
  • Our Engagement -
    When we have Read your comment , we will leave you a vote / votes , we only will reply to you if it is important.
  • Things Like " I like your post , It is wonderful as comment will not be Entertain ! that if you are looking for a vote " , otherwise they are Welcome.

Please Read Whalepower Tag Guidelines First
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#whalepower A Project for Better Community

All #whalepower Contents / Images are Copy-Rights
If you want to use any part of this, please ask for permission first.

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3 Post in 24 hours is a large amount, I will use #whalepower as wisely as possible.

The rules are very good, I am satisfied with what you have done so far. thank you

Thank you @whalepower and other teams for guiding us to stay good and right in steemit.
Thank you too, because you reminded us again of things that need to be known when using the #whalepower tag.

Hi! Question, how much steem to register a month? 12 steem? Thanks in advance! 😀

The rate is 5 sbd subject to market rate closing at the month depending on the ratio.
Current rate 5sbd / 0.3784 = 13.82 steems , 12 x steems is near enough.
when the ratio is back 1:1 then the amount of steems will be the same.
Monthly Registration from 2 sbd , capped at max 5 sbd.

Oki, did the calculations at today price at internal market and sent the steem. Thanks for the quick reply. Happy New Year!!

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