I am now a Whaleshares Witness..

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Hello all, I'd like to announce that in addition to being a Steem witness. I'm also now a whaleshares witness. Yes that means I'm a double witness.

(whaleshares + steem logo)

Double your witness, double your fun.

Why become a double witness? I'm a strong believer in a decentralized social forum. So why not decentralize your decentralized forums and be on multiple forums?

Why I like Whaleshares

  • Simplier with only one currency.

Currently sitting at 0.72 usd, I think we can all agree that the SBD is a complete failure of a pegged currency. It rose up to above 10 usd during the boom and sunk as low as 50 cents during the bust. What's the point?

The SBD adds a ton of cruft and bloat to the blockchain, with extra transactions, the internal market, extra complexity. It might be worth it if the SBD actually served its intended purpose, but it doesn't.

Whaleshares does away with this mess and has only one currency.

  • Close ties with Bitshares

Bitshares is the orignal DPOS blockchain, capable of a tremendous number of transactions per second. Custom tokens, decentralized exchanges. Highly underrated as a currency.

Whaleshares seems closely integrated with Bitshares, with the Rudex exchange, and with many of the whaletokens in Bitshares, and shared members of the community.

  • Reduced flagging power

Hey all you guys that hate flagging in Steem. Here is your big chance. Flags are much weaker in Whaleshares with only about a third of the power, and as a result, flagging happens much, much less often. (I have yet to cast a single flag there.) This is a bit controversial, but it will an interesting experiment to see if reduced flag power helps the social forum.

  • No account recovery

I like this because it's much better for my bank. I take accounts as collateral, and I don't have to worry about them being erroneously recovered by an organization doesn't give a damn.

What do you bring to Whaleshares?

  • I'm an experienced DPOS witness. Been witnessing on Steem over a year.

  • I'm not here for the quick buck, but for the long term (and bigger bucks later.)

I have never powered down in Steem, and I'm not doing it in whaleshares either. If nothing else, I'm good for the price.

  • My Bank!

My biggest project is my (in)famous Bank of Neoxian where I provide loans and liquidity to those in need. I have already extended my business into the Whaleshares chain and will continue to do so.

Both chains compete, but can also aid each other

Is it a conflict of interest to be on both chains? I don't think so. Both of these projects are open-source. Improvements in one, can theoretically be integrated into the other. Competition makes you strong. Steel sharpening Steel.

Ultimately I'd like to promote the concept of a decentralized forum.


I a new to this whaleshares thing! I will try this out! It's good to have two witness servers! Congratz!


I too was also considering using this platform and have spoke with that group quite some time ago (I think I won like 5 whaleshares in a contest once). Very cool to see you expand your business, you have helped a ton of people out including myself and I am forever grateful. You may see me very soon over there as well, best of luck and I know you will be an awesome addition to that community.

Happy New Years man.

Glad to see its going so well! I wish you the best in 2019. I hope you continue to grow your bank and your accounts. You are doing a great thing here ny helping so many out. And i would like to thank you for for the support you have shown me. Thank you very much.

Yes good move.

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Great news! Happy New Year!

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Wish you super duper success on both platforms sir ❤congratulations and we are your proud fans 😃❤

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I thought to discover Whaleshares

I wish you success in Whaleshares @neoxian and I hope that it will swerve you better for your own interests.

"Both chains compete, but can also aid each other"
This is almost a sacred law... And we need to take advantage of that, whatever project we support the most.

Very good news! Congrats!
Bitshares will do great in the future! I will have to search about whaleshares!!

All the best for the New Year!

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Double fun plus responsibility :) hope you have an amazing time being a witness :D keep rocking

Hmm.. I tried to get on before and got stuck and totally forgot about this.
Anyway, Happy New Year.

Happy new year to you Mr dragon.
Amazing to see you stretch your witness umbrella over to whaleshares.io

It is great to diversify our investment on more than one platform. Both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses but it really depends how we look at them. Great to have you in both steem and whaleshares! All the best in 2019 in your new adventure!

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Hello, neoxian, how are you? How do you prepare to receive the new year?

I like whaleshares, I will not leave steemit so I see you in whaleshares, friend

Great to hear from a whale.

Whaleshares is only a copycat of Steemit. Personnaly I don't care about it but wish you a great success there. :)

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Really a great move. I have heard good things about whaleshares but your post gives a good comparison. I have already opened an account there but yet to start posting. I'll soon start posting there as well.

I have also heard from some of my friends that you are a star in helping people in Steem. Not experienced personally though. Although you call it a business I would still say that you are doing a service because many new members are getting great benefit out of it. Continue your good service. Cheers. 😊😀

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I've not looked into Whaleshares yet. A bit of competition for Steem could be a good thing. I think flagging has value as there is so much abuse of the Steem rewards going on. I wonder if WS will suffer from that too. Good luck with your witnessing efforts and a happy new year!

BTW 'simplier' should be 'simpler'