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Hello everyone! We are happy to announce that the system of curation that everybody was waiting for has finally arrived. A new system of distribution of Upvotes by Whalestrail offers a service based on the delegation of HivePower, which is designed for all the users who publish content every day and wish to maximize their rewards.

What does @whalestrail offer?

  • Every day Whalestrail gives one Upvote to the publications of every user who maintains a delegation. The value calculation of every Upvote is calculated according to the percentage that corresponds to the total amount of HP.

  • It is a service based on the delegation of HivePower (no money should be sent)

  • ROI is greater than 1000%: a daily return gets more than 10 times greater value than would have a vote with a delegated amount.
    ROIx10 is reduced if your delegated HP exceeds 10% of the amount of whalestrail.

  • It is permitted to delegate HP from an account and receive the Upvotes automatically or, if you prefer, to another account. To make the change, we must send a minimum transfer of 0.001 HIVE or HBD indicating in the memo the word beneficiary and the user who will receive the votes.

example memo: beneficiary @bert0

Different options to delegate HivePower

In the following figure you can see different options that can be chosen. A change can be asked for any time.

Option delegation.jpg

  • A. It is the automatic option: the upvotes are received in the published content to the same account that delegates.

  • B. It is possible to choose a beneficiary account of the upvotes, which is different from the one that delegates.

  • C. Various users with the delegation can assign the same beneficiary. Their amount of HP adds up to calculate the voting power in their publications.

How to join and obtain the Upvotes?

The steps to receive the votes of the whalestrail are this simple:

  • Delegating the amount of HivePower that you want to the account @whalestrail 2

  • Publishing the articles in the indicated account where the Upvotes will be received✔

2 The minimum amount of HP accepted to delegate is 0.1% of whalestrail's total. The amount of HP that corresponds will be published daily.

The rules:

  • Whalestrail will vote for the publications released between 24 hours and 5 days. The first one to be voted for will be the oldest publication and by order, until the most recent one.

  • While the delegation is maintained, one daily Upvote will be received; the first one from the next round of votes. (Vote rounds begin every 24h).

  • If you already have the delegation and want to modify the amount of HP, you can do it any time. It will be updated in every round of votes.

  • If the publications in your account do not exist or the period to be voted has expired, the corresponding part of your daily vote will be distributed among all the other users who delegate and do have publications.

  • If spam, plagiarism, phishing, offences or any kind of abuse is detected, the beneficiary responsible for this, will be eliminated and added to the black list.

  • The whalestrail's own Hivepower is taken into account as another delegation to calculate the percentage of the upvote in their own publications.

  • @whalestrail maximizes the rewards among its participants with the delegation; it does not give upvotes to external publications.

Join our Discord channel for more information and questions.

You can delegate HivePower to Whalestrail in the following links:
50 HP |100 HP |250 HP |500 HP |1000 HP |2500 HP |5000 HP


Whalestrail is also available in Steem


Getting 10x your vote is not 1000% ROI.

Stop using terms you don’t understand.

1000% ROI is saying you delegate 1000HP, you get 10000HP in return instead of a vote with 10K HP.


Delegating HP means giving up the powers that those tokens have. The investment is that, you are not sending money.
If those tokens can generate $ 0.1 on a post and delegate them to whalestrail, this post will receive a vote of $ 1 or more.
The return on investment is minimum 1000% (ROI> = 10x) as long as there is enough HP.
Do you understand it better?

You gave them 10x INCOME not ROI.

Get it right.

So 2+2 doesn't equal 22???

Not in base 10.