Sorry to hear about your 'multiple' disappointments @cmp2020 . I just now sort of stumbled upon this post and accidentally up-voted, not realizing that it was eight days old.

You are right to have felt 'slighted' and 'punished' for expressing your thoughts in the way you did during that initial fiasco with Justin Sun taking over Steemit. Some may feel that the powers behind Hive who excluded you from the initial airdrop was 'not' vindictive, but it certainly appears malevolent .

I suspect that, the right people will reconsider their actions in the near future, and grant the airdrop you deserve. Perhaps 'compassion' will seep into their hardened hearts, allowing for a softening and outpouring of forgiveness?

The pain of depression is no stranger to me, so I can certainly sense what you are experiencing now as a result. That is a pain which, now at seventy years of age, lays behind me (fortunately) in the settling dust of memories.

You 'deserve' 'deserve' opportunities to express yourself freely and enjoy that of which you felt promised (Prom...etc.) Whatever it is that may be taken from you during these times, will in the future, be a mere melancholy memory once you've achieved the success surely awaiting you.

You appear to be fairly well grounded spiritually from what little I've only recently got to see of you on Steemit. For that reason, there is probably nothing more I can add to the uplifting words of support around you at this time. We both know of a mysteriously, Divine, omnipotent power to find solace within when needed.

Sorry if my reply might have become longgggggg and excessive in scope, but I'm a somewhat crazy old man, who has been awake all night writing and my brain is probably fried by now :>\ the way...your Steem has not been taken from you according to what I see, it was just not matched with 'Hive'. I suspect you already know that; just thought I'd mention it because of something you wrote above (which I might have misinterpreted)

Feel free to express yourself in Free Speech Community, any time you wish, in whatever way you choose here on Hive or on Steemit. (Hope I got that link right...)

Be well...Stay well, my friend.

I appreciate your kindness, and I am very grateful for the thoughts that you have expressed. If your free speech community exists on Steem, I would love to join! I followed you on Steem.

I hope you stay well as well.

Thanks for the response @cmp2020 :>) and 'yes' I am presently still switching between Steemit and Hive. Free Speech Community is also on Steemit, but as of late we've been getting very little activity there.

I plan to keep it there, for anyone who might wish to post unimpeded in the future though; regardless of activity.

I've left a comment on your most recent Steemit post this evening, too.

Have a happy day.

Womp, that's pretty rough. Maybe you could get an online collaboration together to perform the compositions.

We tried to put something together, but the free subscription (given out due to the pandemic) of the software that we are using for online practice (smart music) does not allow us to upload our own files.

Dang, maybe another freeware version can be setup where each of you downloads cakewalk then shares the multitrack file after each recording their piece. Someone would have to stitch it together as a video later. This would allow you to mix the recording pretty nicely.