The Why Am I Here Challenge Response

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This is an answer to @themarkymark's post:

In December 2019 the first rumors about some sort of a backroom takeover first surfaced. I can't say much for what anyone else was thinking but nothing sat right with those. On Valentines Day 2020 I got home and sat down at my computer and for I don't know how many days straight I didn't get up. I think I took a day off in May and then two weeks in August. Now this doesn't answer the question at hand which is how I got here and why I'm here.

I don't consider whatever day I found Steem to be my first day. I consider the launch of Hive as the first day.

Hive is true decentralization. Now, to interject, the problem with decentralization is its very easy to overestimate one's own value. It's a common mind trick and that's how the hostile takeover failed. With decentralization, the show will always go on.

I remain on Hive knowing this and with the aim of contributing whatever I can to the Hive vision, its present, and its future.

By now I'm used to all the shit that people say about me and to me. HIVE price is down again, I'm pumping other people's bags for them, it's a waste of time, it has no value, my projects are shit, whatever function I work on doesn't exist, some random person to them (and a friend to me) is ranked higher as a witness, etc. Since I get any number of these daily they have no impact. There may as well be dice that get rolled. Today you landed on "Hive has no value". Would you like to roll again?

Those who work with me the closest know that I take insults to Hive personally. Like when Hive got screwed over for the first award it was nominated for despite being voted in as the clear winner. That's because in a decentralized community like Hive everyone is an owner.

Yesterday you may have noticed that the 'hiveblocks' Twitter account wrote "You haven't just been around since day one of Hive. You made day one happen!" Everyone has ownership in Hive and when you have ownership in something you want to see it succeed. That being said, Hive exists in a technological space where the actual limits are not known. It is the first fully decentralized social network. It can claim that label because there was never a founding organization, just groups of people who came together to create something that stood the test of unprecedented corporate attacks. In a world where one can't do anything without some corporation or government permitting them to take said action, Hive exists. It fought and won battles that most people are only waking up to now.

I'm on Hive to deliver results. I've been part of and leading decentralized projects since 1995 and that's a lot of experience that added up. I'm not as young as some of our new innovators talking freedom of this and that as if they've discovered it but I also don't need Hive to quit my day job. On my site you'll notice the title image, which reads "blockchain legacy". I'm not overestimating my own importance as those are fools' cards to play. I wear a lot of different hats because with experience comes speed and versatility. All I need Hive to do is allow me to help it along its route towards its greater vision, wherever that may lead.


Happy you're still here. I have blasted some devs on here but at the same time this decentralized network was prone to those over reactions in "technological space where the actual limits are not known." as you call it quite fittingly.

We could reflect on conventional HR issues, or just accept how bold and brave all of us are to step outside of the leftist big tech paradigm and try out a project like this.

Thanks for what you do!

Why @spaminator always down vote my post. What wrong?


Will we get to the moon with HIVE? yeah !!!!!

I am so happy you are here and I get to call you friend

Hive is what Steem should have been, but greed got in the way there. It amazes me that it flourishes when it is obvious it has been corrupted, but people will take what they can get from from it. Hive has more integrity and I will do what I can to help it flourish. We have greed issues too, but at least some get dealt with.

Keep up the good work.


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As one of the new guys, I just want to thank you for everything you have done for hive and for shinning some light on things for me.

Thanks, glad to hear that.