4 type of Wind Turbine

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4 type of Wind turbine

There are three basic advantages of a >>> (1 .VAWT) over (2. HAWT)

  1. Fewer components >> the main rotor shaft of a VAWT is oriented vertically rather than horizontally, The advantage here comes as a reduction in parts.
  2. Safety >> Keeping workers from climbing tall turbine towers also makes VAWTs a safer alternative.
  3. Scaling down >> the design has potential to scale down and remain fairly efficient in dense urban areas or on rooftops.

(3.Archimedes wind turbine) An Archimedes wind turbine may be the compromise between VAWT and HAWT.

(4.Makani Energy Kite) Use GPS and other sensors, adjusts the craft's path to take advantage of the strongest wind.
This can produce 50% more energy while using 90% fewer materials (now all of there vehicles are still being tested and are not commercially available.