The effect of the Soft Fork 0.22.2 on the witnesses ranking

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On February 23 at UTC at 10:00 p.m., an overwhelming majority of witnesses deployed the Soft Fork 22.2 and published a joint announcement to inform the community.

Following this, some welcomed this initiative and others less, resulting in a wave of approval and removal of votes for some witnesses.

To help you see what effect these changes in votes have on the ranking, I have prepared a little historical graph:

You may have to open the image in another tab to clearly see the detail.

What can be seen there?

Before February 23, it's quite enough outside the top 20. At the bottom of the top 20, there is already a lot of activity and the witnesses in the top 7 do not move too much.

But starting from the announcement of the Soft Fork 22.2, it is the big upheaval. We can see major moves at all levels of the ranking. Among them, the most noticeable are:

  • @smooth which goes down from the 10th to the 37th place after having deactivated its witness
  • @timcliff plummets from 2nd to 23rd place following its decision not to deploy SF 22.2

In the other direction, we can see:

  • the continuation of the progress started in mid-February by @netuso which climbs from 46th to 30th place.
  • @steempress enters the top 20 in 15th place (+10)
  • @drakos is also back in the top 20 (16th place)

This great activity of votes / unvotes lasted for two days to stabilize thereafter.

If you want to see any daily position changes, you can go to my witness page which displays them (almost) in real-time.

This is an old sample screenshot taken long time ago

On top of the usual rank column, you will see an indicator on its right if the witness rank has changed today.

What's next?

I think users are now waiting for what will happen in the coming days, especially during the meeting between the witnesses and Steemit Inc announced around March 6.

Depending on the outcome of this meeting, we may see new changes appear... or not.
Future will tell.

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On a lesser witness note I went from #83 to #59 partly due to the soft fork and being more visible in the community and twitter.

Good post arcange!

A nice jump you did. Well done @klye and thank you for your comment.

Are we witnessing the agonization of the Steem blockchain?

As I see the Steem blockchain statistics (and experience the things on it since 2017.05.17), I think that the Steem blockchain is about to become the immediate past president of the being alive club.

I think that the above written famous funny saying from GLaDOS from Portal 2 perfectly fits the happenings on the Steem blockchain. We just/only have to look around and see.

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