Announcing BDCommunity Hive Witness


BDCommunity now is a Hive Witness. We have produced our first block #42355054 2 days ago and produced a total of 3 until now. Our full rank is #111 and active rank is #95.

What’s a witness?

Hive Witness is a person or a group of persons who run the Hive Blockchain software on a computer which produces blocks on the Hive Blockchain. They also publish HIVE price feed which helps the blockchain determine post payouts and such.

Witnesses are elected by the community through a mechanism called delegated proof of stake. Witnesses receive HIVE POWER as rewards for producing blocks (processing transactions).

Why a new witness?

For a decentralized network like Hive Blockchain, the more people run the software and validates the transactions, the better. In our mind, a witness is a voice or representative of a community. We felt that our community is under-presented in the blockchain and we plan to alter that. We prefer to give small players a voice. We like the say to the greater hive community that consider us as friends, consider us as your representative so that we can voice your opinion to the governing body of this blockchain.

What are the configuration of the witness server?

We are running the witness node on VPS from @privex with the following configuration.

CPU: 4 Core
SSD: 500 GB
OS: Ubuntu 18.04

This basic setup is for $50/month. The monthly expense is substantial in the developing world, however, we are willing to sacrifice that for the visibility and representation. We need your support. Until we qualify for the top 20, we can’t represent you to the full extent. So that should be our common goal.

Running price feed from a Vultr VPS. At this moment we do not have a backup witness node but planning to get one in the future.

What’s in it for BDCommunity?

BDCommunity has been on the chain for almost 2 years curating contents, helping and representing Bangladeshi and Bengali speaking community. Now we want to show your support for the chain by taking part in the governance and security of the chain.

What’s in it for the Hive community?

We like for the greater community to enable us as a sounding board, not only as a representative of a specific part of the world but also to rise above the tunnel vision that is typical of many blockchain projects. We want to bring something new to the table. This is in the form of bringing emerging content producers; writers, artists, music producers, comedians that we see in our everyday life, to the hive blockchain. This will not only enrich us at a personal level but it will give the small players a voice, a vision, a unique experience. For investors, and venture capitalists; we like to offer competitive return-on-investment without the hassle in daily monitoring. We are manual curators and will always be the human touch on this blockchain.

How can an individual be involved?

Hive being a DPOS blockchain, every user has a say in the governance of the chain proportional to their HP. We have recently proved that every vote counts. So, vote us as a witness or set us as your witness voting proxy.

Who are running the witness?

@reazuliqbal - Full-stack freelance developer. Developer and Moderator of BDCommunity.
@zaku - Business and idea guy. Moderator of BDCommunity.

What have we done previously?

Content Curation

BDCommunity started as a content curation project for Bengali speaking community as there weren't any back then. Now we curate contents from both Bengali and non-Bengali users using the community curation account and sister project @bdvoter.


We create free accounts for legitimate users who want to join the Blockchain and help them understand the basics and norms of the chain and how to secure their accounts.



  • MonsterMarket - Splinterlands cards and pack marketplace.
  • BDExchange - A Discord HIVE and STEEM, and Steem-Engine wallet. Which as provides escrow services for peer to peer transactions.
  • BDVoter (@bdvoter) - For-profit curation project.

What will you do in the future?

We are planning to enhance our curation projects and develop more tools and projects on top of the Hive Blockchain.

What is the mission statement?

BDC has a vision to curate and support of content across all over the hive interface. There is a desire to on-board not only new members but members who are emerging players in their respective fields. Introduce the power of social media on the blockchain to already established or emerging cultural leaders of the broader ecosystem is what BDC plans to achieve in the near future. This helps Hive community in 2 ways.... first: enrichment of the platform itself; and second: the spread of 'hive' to a more prominent segment of the social media by enrichment via the 'star content producers'

How do I vote you as a Witness?


Vote @BDCommunity

At this time we are not in the top 100. Please go to and search for bdcommunity at the form below the witness list.


Please go to and search for bdcommunity Click the check button to vote for us.


Proceeds from this post will be donated to Bidyanondo Foundation


This is wonderful to see the BDCommunity marking it's footsteps on the HIVE Blockchain. You've so far done an amazing job supporting the community, it's now time for the community to show their support back! Goodluck @reazuliqbal @zaku bhai!

you don't really need to get a backup witness node at this point of time untill you reach closer to the top 20. Keep on rocking guys ...

Thanks for the witness vote🙂

Let's all make it effective, We can do it by giving our valuable support.

This is a great announcement and I just now voted your witness. You are doing wonderful work and I am happy to support you. Thanks.

Done Champs! Thanks for your support to the community!


Thanks 🙂

Voted ✅
Good luck, guys 💪

Great work to improve hive Voted For Wittinesses

Good to hear this. Thanks for the curation efforts and other services you offer.

✔ Voted

Congrats Bdc team. I can attest to all you do on this blockchain, I am a beneficiary to your good works prior to this announcement. I know your witness will make strides and enrich the ecosystem. Best of luck in this adventure 👍

Btw, voted your witness prior to this announcement 😜

great initiative. I voted, hope you get much higher in list, gl guys.

¡Excelente testigo aprobado!


Thanks 🙂

It is not easy to launch a witness; especially considering many of our personal situations, but it is even harder to maintain it. I wish you good luck and expect that you will deliver.

Absolutely!! We will try our best. :)

Let’s do it together. I just voted.

Thanks brother. :)

You are most welcome brother.

Congratulations @zaku and @reazuliqbal and the team. BD community has been a genuine supporter for many content creators on Steem and Hive community. I'm happy to see you take your next step as a witness. You will have my support. 👍

Although I have not been benefited by @bdvoter, I am aware that they do a great job on behalf of the platform, by searching for and recognizing genuine content. I just voted for the bdcommunity witness.

I will add a promotional ad at the end of my publications as a call to vote for the witness.

Good vibe

Thank you so much. :)

Hello @reazuliqbal. Greetings. As I told you, I started placing the ad to promote the @bdcommunity witness vote at the end of my publication...🚀 I publish genuine content daily and although it lacks visibility, I have several followers; I will permanently leave the ad to promote the @bdcommunity

@reazuliqbal, @zaku, and Bengali community congrats! 🎉 You'll have my vote and the @battlegames vote.

Thanks a bunch, buddy!

Wow. This is a great achievement I must say lunching Witness and even working so hard to update the node is a great task so I voted for you guys.

Here is my proof



Good Luck 💪💕

Just now I read your announcement. That's great movement.
I'll vote @bdcommunity for my witness list.

Thank you so much for the vote! :)

Just voted for the witness of @bdcommunity! Good luck!

Thanks 🙂

Its really good job for us and i wish bdcommunity do better in this platform.

Way to go, @bdcommunity! You have been supporting people for a long time. Now you took a great step!

Wish you all the best!

Wao! That really great news that our beloved community is now our witness before @bdcommunity was my proxy witness now just vote for a witness, I'm with my community and Will in the long run.

This is great news

I vote for you and I will support you, greetings from Greece and stay safe my friends

This is great news team @bdcommunity and @reazuliqbal and @zaku.

You have my Witness Vote.

Best wishes :)

You guys are doing amazing and i just voted for you

votare por ustedes como testigos

The link on this post is not going through, I tried another means to vote for you.. I just love what you are doing that's all.. Keep it up.. You are making hive a better community, you the first I'm voting for witness don't disappoint.


Be good.

I didn't know about this community, now search it for make a post.

done !you have my support , you guys and @bdvoter have helped me alot. Keep up the good work guys

Let's give our maximum support we can achieve together big things

This is super great! Big Congratulations on this beautiful feat. You sure deserve this feather from the community

Goodgreetings @bdcommunity ,
I'm fairly new in Hive,can I have your discord invite so I can join up and take advantage of your very appealing and dogged services.

Thanks sir