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Hi everyone,
I am lafona and I would like to provide some information about myself and my witness "delegate.lafona". I have created a separate account for the witness to allow users to more efficiently find witness updates without having to dig through my non witness related posts. With the exception of my initial witness post, all witness information will be posted and updated from this account. I apologize if this caused any confusion and if you would like to support my witness, please vote for "delegate.lafona" and not "lafona". I am very excited for the potential of steem and I hope to be of service as a witness.

Witness Experience
I currently run bitshares and muse witness nodes and my record for each can be found on cryptofresh using the following links. I have also provided price feeds and seed nodes for the Bitshares chain.

Witness List,
Individual Witness Info

Witness List,
Individual Witness Info

Current Node Specs
Witness node AWS vps with 4 GiB RAM and 2 CPU.
Seed node:

Both are located in Virginia currently but can be moved or scaled up within minutes.

To provide high reliability with a fast response time and to share any knowledge I have gained which might be helpful.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them in this thread.
I look forward to being a witness and I appreciate your support.
vote_for_witness youraccount delegate.lafona true true


Now producing feeds thanks to clayop's feed script.

I voted for you as a witness.