delegate.lafona Witness Update 2017-01-14 ~ New Seed Node & SBD Policy

Hardware Changes

I have added an additional seed node which can be reached at Originally I intended to retire my original seed node but I will be leaving that up a little longer to help with the shortage as mentioned by gandalf here.

SBD(steem dollar) Policy

With the recent cost/benefit discussions associated with the SBD I will be making adjustments based on the following goals. 

  • Improve distribution of steem dollars. One of the big advantages of steem dollars on steem is their potential for bootstrapping and economy and acheiving wider distribution through post and comment payouts. Currently this distribution is hindered by the SBD debt ratio and thus requires either a reduction of supply or an increase in steem price to improve distribution. 
  • Reduce cost of steem dollars on steem ecosystem. As a witness the parameters I provide can affect the cost of SBD on steem through two mechanisms. The feed bias offers an incentive to individuals working to reduce the debt ratio by converting steem dollars to steem. The interest rate is an incentive for people to hold SBD, and can actually work against efforts to reduce the debt ratio. Since I would like to both reduce the debt ratio and reduce cost it makes sense to reduce the interest rate before any increases to the feed bias are made. 

From this I will be reducing my published feed bias(to reduce costs) from 3 to 2% and reducing my published interest rate(to reduce costs and reduce SBD supply) from 7% to 5%.

Thank you for your time and please feel free to leave any thoughts or suggestions. 


Thanks for the update:)

Thank you for your update and dedication to STEEM and steemit.

Thanks for the update lafona!

Thanks for the update, just voted for you as a witness.

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Hello @delegate.lafona , i just vote as your witnesses