Retiring STEEM Witness

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I'm officially retiring my STEEM witness. I had kept it up to keep an eye on that network as well as keep some extra rewards coming in until my full powerdown is done. However, given the evolution of the events there, with freezing accounts, censorship and the top20 being ran by sock puppets and noobs, the time has come for me to leave. Keeping a witness there didn't cost me much in resources, especially when running it with MIRA. Nevertheless, for some reason, none of the witnesses including myself using the legit v22.1 have produced blocks in over 10 days! The network is acting very weird: each time 22.1 produces a block, it collides with a 22.8888 block 3 seconds later, which trumps it and causes the 22.1 block to microfork, thereby rejecting it, causing a missed block and denying the reward.


My energy and time have been and continue to be for the HIVE network since its inception. It's clear by now the STEEM network is dying, no devs to support it, an egomaniac leader at the helm and questionable witnesses with no background in running servers. It's a burning ship. Farewell STEEM.

Available & Reliable. I am your Witness. I want to represent You.

🗳 If you like what I do, consider voting for me 🗳


Check my guide about Voting for Witnesses.
Go to Find my name and click the vote button.
Alternatively you can use Hivesigner to vote for me or set me as proxy


I am relatively new on hive. all this mess is complicate. I lookes trough my witnessvotes, cleared some and gave you a vote. Thank you (and the other witnesses!!) for your work for the community!

Doubtful that shitshow will run to the end of powerdown!

Don't say such things. I started to powerdown just a week ago :'(

Thank you for all you did on Steem and very happy to have you here on Hive.

I had voted for you on STEEM. I guess I'll have to look for another non-sick puppet there to fill the slot. Glad to see the attention HIVE is getting lately 😆

It really is a no brainer to be getting out of dodge. I'm on week 9 today. Just 4 more weeks.

That's a smart move.

Good news bro 👍💪

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Sure, I'll work on that this weekend.

You are the best!

Did you get a chance to look at adding this tool?

Done. You might need a hard refresh on the website to update the navigation bar where you'll find the added feature.