New HIVE public API node:


A new public Hive Node

Serving a public HIVE node to the community was a long time to-do item for me, as of today, that to-do item becomes a reality. The node is accessible at

I've been silently testing things on the node in the last couple of days, and so far it's running stable.

CPU: AMD EPYC™ 7502P 32-Core
Memory: 128GB DDR4 RAM
Storage: 2TB NVMe (For Hivemind and Hived data only)

Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 22.36.45.png

Things are pretty calm, at the moment.

The server is located in Finland, at the moment. As time passes, and I get more time budget and experience with the public API maintenance, I plan to add one more instance (preferably somewhere different than Finland) and load-balance the domain.

Even though I've maintained a Hivemind instance for a year before, the whole API node setup is new to me, and I'll be learning in the process. So, there may be some bumps in the road, but I will try to keep the node with a good uptime record.

If you're a developer, if you have an app, if you want a different node in your Keychain, you can just use as a node, contribute to testing and decentralization. :)

Use the node on PeakD

Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 22.59.50.png is a whitelisted node on PeakD, and you can select it as a default node on your settings page. You can also check out the API benchmark tool to see which node works best for you.(Greetings to @asgarth for quick reaction and update on PeakD)


Credits go to @gtg for setting up the starter kit, and @deathwing for the occasional help in the process, and @themarkymark for the initial testing.

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The more the merrier.

Thank you, this is a good news for me & my dAPPs. Will check your node soon!


thanks! let me know if you connect any daps to it. :)

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I just voted for you as a witness.

Does it take only 40 GB RAM to run a full node? Or it's that just because there is no serious load yet?

You already have my witness vote!

It's possible to run in lower specs, I guess. :) Hivemind offloaded a lot of burden from hived.

You had my vote and you keep my vote. Thanks for keeping HIVE alive.

Thanks for keeping your vote. :)

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Congrats for ensuring the smooth functioning of hive!

doing my best :)

How's the lockdown going?